ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Stripping and Splicing Process

June 01 13:44 2021
Brief introduction about the ADSS fiber optic cable stripping and splicing process.

The ADSS fiber optic cable stripping and splicing process is as follows:

1. Strip the optical cable and fix it in the connection box. Pass the optical cable into the splice box and fix it, and strip the outer sheath. The stripping length is about 1m. Strip it horizontally first, then strip it vertically. During the splicing operation, the depth that the stripping knife cuts into the optical cable must be well grasped. Do not squeeze the loose tube to cause the optical fiber to be stressed, let alone damage the bundle tube. Strip off the outer sheath, remove the inner cushion layer and the filling rope, leave the stripped aramid yarn 3Ocm braided into a braid, fasten it on the splice box, and press the center reinforcement to an appropriate length according to the size of the splice box On the connector box. Leave 20cm of each loose tube, cut them with special wire strippers, and then pull out the fiber core in parallel.

2. Cut the bare fiber, wipe the ointment on the core with alcohol-dipped paper towels, separate different bundle tubes and fibers of different colors, and pass the fibers through the heat shrink tube. Use a special wire stripper to peel off the coating, then wipe the bare fiber with a clean cotton moistened with alcohol several times, and then cut the fiber with a precision fiber cleaver.

3. For optical fiber fusion, turn on the power of the fusion splicer to preheat. Before fusion splicing, select the appropriate fusion press procedure according to the optical fiber and working wavelength used by the system. If there are no special circumstances, automatic welding procedures are generally used. Put the optical fiber in the V-shaped groove of the fusion splicer; carefully press the fiber clamp and the fiber clamp; set the position of the fiber in the clamp according to the fiber cutting length and close the windshield; the splicing can be automatically completed.

4. Heat the heat shrinkable tube, open the windshield, take the optical fiber out of the fusion splicer, and then put the heat shrinkable tube on the fusion splicing part of the bare fiber center, and put it in the heating furnace for heating.

5. Fix the fiber coil, and place the spliced ​​fiber on the fiber receiving tray. When coiling the fiber, the larger the radius of the coil, the greater the arc, and the smaller the loss of the entire line. Therefore, a certain radius must be maintained to avoid unnecessary loss when the laser is transmitted in the core. After the joint box is sealed, put on a stainless steel hook and hang it on the hanging wire.

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