GEMINI WINGS announces innovative solution to optimize private aircraft usage

June 02 14:03 2021

Prague, Czech Republic – June 2nd, 2021 – Owning a private aircraft is the ultimate status symbol for the high-net-worth individuals and also a perfect tool to solve business travel needs for corporate clients. They open up the glamorous side of air travel – but all of this comes at a high cost. For owners whose aircraft spend more time in the hangar than in the air, it has been difficult to monetize their asset – until today. Gemini Wings, an innovative aviation startup initiated by Charter advisory team based in Prague, has formed an international alliance fleet comprised of private aircraft from small European operators and individuals. Gemini Wings acts as the sales agent, chartering flights, while the owners simply lease their aircraft.

The world has changed a lot in the past year – and one of the things that has become clearer is how valuable cooperation is. At Gemini Wings, we want to foster the spirit of cooperation rather than competition so that all parties benefit,” said Martin Feč, CEO of Gemini Wings and co-founder of Charter advisory. “Aircrafts were made to fly, not sit around in the hangar. They generate revenue when they are in the air. Let’s keep them flying together – while leveraging economies of scale to lower prices to bring in new customers while retaining old ones to become a stronger and more profitable industry.”

For private aircraft owners, it’s an attractive proposition. Their aircraft are in the air, generating revenue that reduces their high operating costs while giving the crew more flight experience. At the same time, Gemini Wings ensures that safety and quality are at the forefront, chartering flights through a competitively priced network angled at various passenger profiles.

We’re looking for aircraft owners who fly up to 200 hours a year and we can increase their aircraft utilization to 350 hours or even more,” added Feč. “We urge anyone who fits this profile to contact us, as we can assist you to use the aircraft more efficient while lowering your overall operating costs.

Gemini Wings also offers complementary advisory services to members of its alliance, bringing professional negotiating expertise to the table when purchasing, or exchanging aircraft. Most of all, aircraft owners will benefit from being part of a larger group and the economies of scale that come with it.

For more information about Gemini Wings and to find out more about its international alliance fleet, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Antónia Lukačínová at +421 911 656 999 or email [email protected].

About Gemini Wings

Gemini Wings is an innovative business aviation company based in Prague. The company operates an international alliance fleet of small European aircraft operators and individual owners who lease out spare capacity, with Gemini Wings acting as the sales agent. For more information about the company and its network, please visit Gemini Wings’ website.


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