Trinidez Mccolen III Globally Releases His Latest Book, ‘Faithful Colors‘, an Exploration of Intense Love

July 12 16:58 2021
Trinidez Mccolen III Globally Releases His Latest Book, ‘Faithful Colors‘, an Exploration of Intense Love

Trinidez Mccolen III, author of ‘Open Doors,’ ‘The Power’ and ‘Guided by the Hands of a Prayer,’ is back with his latest book, ‘Faithful Colors.’ This book of poems and pleasure is associated with love, intimacy, and faithfulness of a man. Trinidez wrote this book with excitement and passion for the lust of love. 

‘Faithful Colors’ is a mysterious book that depicts beautifully the passion play that’s a part of love. It is a mysterious book of poems that touches upon the faithfulness attached to love and lust. The book takes a turn and gets a little intense and dark when the author captures his own faithfulness turning into unfaithfulness. ‘Faithful Colors’ is a sweet and unique book that depicts the many love and lust shades. 

“This is a book of my shared experiences from my own personal lifestyle,” said Trinidez Mccolen III. He also added, “My reality has made me into the man who I am today, and it gives me great pleasure to share a piece of my mind, and a piece of love in poems with my readers.” 

Like his other books, Trinidez Mccolen III wrote this book for the common everyday people who have experienced love. This book was written with the purpose of enriching the love life of the reader as well as the author. Faithful Colors is a reflection of Trinidez Mccolen’s own life and experiences. 

‘Faithful Colors’ has found mentions in The New York Times, LA Times, New York Review of Books, etc. This unique book of poetry is a beautiful expression of intimacy, love, and relationship that is pure and unique in one man’s mind, but it could be rough and rugged for another man. It’s a book that personifies the lust of love in a captivating manner. Faithful Colors is a must-read for all poetry lovers.

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