Spray Foam Insulation is the Best Method to Ensure Roof Longevity and Functionality

July 23 17:04 2021

A solid roof is a necessity.  Any older roof that has pits, cracks, holes, or is not insulated will not perform properly.  Water can leak into any property, residential or commercial, and non-insulated roofing will allow water to seep under the roof, as well as allow heat to enter a property.  A non-insulated roof will also trap cold air during the winter in a property. 

The best methods of creating a solid roof are by regular maintenance and the use of spray foam insulation to seal any cracks, crevices, holes, or pits in a roof, even those that are not apparent to the naked eye. 

Foam Insulation Company of New Market, ON, strongly believes that spray foam insulation is not only an economical type of roof insulation but can easily prolong the lifespan of any roof, as well as provide a disease-free internal environment as it prevents mold and mildew problems. 

Spray foam is shown to be environmentally friendly as well with its weather-resistant properties.  The spray foam is meticulously applied by Foam Insulation via certified contractors who are trained in the application of it.  Even the smallest crack or crevice in a roof can cause seepage and water can travel through walls and even into wiring, creating hazardous conditions. 

Fiberglass insulation is also common, but it does not contain the flexibility of application that spray foam possesses.  Fiberglass can crack whereas spray foam does not and can be more costly.  Extending the life of any roof and preventing problems is the reason why spray foam is popular among contractors and clients alike. 

Foam Insulation is a company that checks all aspects of a roof, from the air vents to the seams, ensuring that the foam is applied as carefully and thoroughly as possible.  Sealing of every nook and cranny that leads to heat or cooling loss costs a property owner money and Foam Insulation understands this. 

As one client stated, “I noticed my roof getting older, and my home becoming hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.  I also noticed a slightly damp smell in the property, so had Foam Insulation have a look at the roof.  The replacement was not necessary but some small cracks and crevices did need to be sealed by spray foam insulation  Once this was done, the damp smell disappeared and I noticed my electric bill was reduced the first month!’

Applying spray foam insulation through Foam Insulation Company of Newmarket, ON will ensure that money will be saved in heating and cooling costs and that a roof is as waterproofed and weather-resistant as possible.  Conscientious application is the mission of Foam Insulation and they stand by all their work. 

Reducing costs and eliminating seepage and diseases will occur once spray foam insulation is applied to any roof.  No matter what size roof or the age of the roof, a consultation with the experts at Spray Foam is worth the phone call to them.

About Foam Insulation Company

Located in New Market, ON, Foam Insulation Company has been providing roofing insulation for years and has clients that are ecstatic with the work.  This company does recommend spray foam insulation as a method that is both cost-effective and efficient in eliminating many seepage problems on any roof either commercial or residential.  From residences to garages and businesses, Foam Insulation can quickly apply the insulation and give any property owner peace of mind.  Old and new properties can benefit also.  Noise is also muffed when using spray foam insulation. 

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