C-Arm Rentals for Emergency Delivery and Regular Use Make Better Financial Sense Compared to Purchasing a New C-Arm

August 03 15:24 2021
C-ArmNow rents out vascular and non-vascular C-Arms for emergency and regular use to hospitals, clinics, veterinary hospitals, etc., all over the United States. Customers can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or annual rentals.

According to announcements released by C-ArmNow, it has been able to help medical facilities save money and meet imaging and diagnostic requirements through C-Arm rentals for emergency delivery and regular use.

Many medical centers wish to avoid purchasing a new or even a used C-Arm because of the high costs. Emergency and long-term rentals by C-ArmNow have served as a viable alternative because of the low costs and hassle-free process of requisitioning, setting up, and maintaining the machine. Hospitals that perform angiographies, orthopedic procedures, and treat vascular conditions need C-Arms, preferably at low costs. Renting a C-Arm from an established business is a good choice.

Benefits of a rented C-Arm include flexible payment terms, maintenance included in the costs, tax benefits, the option of rent-to-own, and regular upgrades. When renting a C-Arm, hospitals save on significant capital expenditure and need to spend only on the operational aspects of running and maintaining a C-Arm. Customers can easily extend an emergency rental into a long-term rental and continue to accrue savings while treating patients successfully.

C-ArmNow serves customers across the United States. Hospitals can choose from vascular and non-vascular C-Arms from GE, OEC, Philips, and Siemens. Emergency shipments to destinations within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, Utah, happen within 24-48 hours of a customer’s request.

The risks with a rented C-Arm are low, and increasingly, hospitals are turning to C-ArmNow to solve their emergency and regular C-Arm needs. By renting a C-Arm, a hospital can assess its reliability, functionality, associated costs and then decide if it wishes to invest in a purchase.

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C-Arms are an integral part of the clinical processes in hospitals. Since images can be viewed in real-time and with excellent clarity through these machines, surgeons can handle emergencies more efficiently and approach standard procedures with more relevant information in their hands. C-Arms improve the chances of success with complex surgical procedures, such as vascular surgery. The reliability, maneuverability, and accessibility of these machines and the low levels of radiation make them ideal choices for multiple procedures that depend on imaging.

C-ArmNow offers rentals on surgical C-Arms and mini C-Arm systems. Their rental programs are suited for clinics and hospitals looking for a temporary imaging solution while their existing system is down for maintenance or repairs. Customers can easily requisition a C-Arm of their choice by filling up the “Emergency Quote” form and providing C-ArmNow with the information requested. C-ArmNow can also help customers decide on the best C-Arm for their requirements, given the cases handled and the image intensifier and image resolution requirements. Non-emergency rentals require a 21-day lead time and a 3-month rental period, at least.

About the Company:

C-ArmNow offers C-Arm machines for emergency and regular use. The company operates out of West Valley City, UT and ships to all parts of the United States. Facilities can choose from regular and mini C-Arms for vascular and non-vascular procedures. Rental plans can be customized to suit the medical facility’s requirements.

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