Experienced educator Caston Binger transforms his classroom experience into becoming a school leader

August 05 00:33 2021
Seasoned educator shared how he became a teacher and used his profession to leave a positive impact on the lives of his students, colleagues, and the community.

It is with great excitement that Caston Binger announces the publication of 3 new in-depth interviews. Caston is a veteran educator who brings more than a decade of valuable experience to the field of education. In a recent interview, which was published online, Caston discussed his classroom experience and how it has helped better prepare him for the collaborative responsibilities demanded of today’s school leader.

Speaking on the immediate priorities of his role, Caston highlighted the importance and value of what he calls “The 5 P’s” and how this approach allows him to take on challenging tasks. Caston explained, “The Five P’s are: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” Caston says, “I keep this in mind every time I take on a demanding task. This mindset allows me to stay focused, develop a plan, and revisit the plan to ensure that I am in the best position to succeed at the task.” Caston believes this advice is transferable to any industry or business.

Being aware of his influence, Caston makes sure that what he does helps set up a brighter future for the children. “Things like one’s culture and upbringing have a huge impact on who they become. As an educator, it helps me to keep things in the proper perspective and to be mindful of the role I play on these young and impressionable minds,” Caston explains.

When asked about teacher burnout, Caston provided useful advice to educators who are in or someday hope to enter the demanding field of education. Caston details the steps he has taken to persevere in his career stating: “Teacher burnout is a very common reason why teachers leave the education field. It could happen for a variety of reasons but most of the time teachers feel overwhelmed and exhausted from the work. In an effort to prevent or reduce burnout, I would make the following three suggestions to anyone starting out in teaching. Definitely create time for self-care and your personal health, avoid taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, and ensure you have a mentor to help guide you on your journey.”

Currently, Caston Binger is an educator in the Rochester City School District. Recently, Caston decided to go back to school and in May of 2021 graduated from Niagara University earning a second master’s degree in Educational Leadership School District/Building. He takes great pride in the lifelong relationships he has established throughout his years in education. Presently, Caston Binger is being mentored by a school district superintendent and is grateful to be able to have someone at this level of leadership provide guidance as he moves forward in his career.

Anyone interested in reading the interviews in their entirety or learning more about Caston Binger is encouraged to visit his official website.

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