Snap released a new AR filter, and WIMI Hologram Cloud may face greater challenges in the field of AR interaction

August 05 01:06 2021

Recently, the American social media company Snapchat launched a series of new AR filters for cartoon characters. Through these filters, users of Snapchat will be able to “transform” into movie characters of Disney Pixar. After the filter is activated, the user will be able to switch between two different styles of cartoon characters.


It is reported that once the new AR filter for Snapchat cartoon characters was released, it was widely welcomed by Snapchat users. The novel and unique filter effects make users love it. According to the description of a creative Snapchat user, he also played the roles of Anna and Hans, the protagonists of the animated film “Frozen”, through the AR filter of cartoon characters and reproduced the movie scenes. Another user sang the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Pixar’s classic movie “Toy Story” with the lip shape of the filter.

In addition to acting as a classic movie character and singing classic songs, the cartoon character AR filter is also applicable to famous paintings including “Mona Lisa”, “Van Gogh Self-portrait”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, and many other artistic works. Moreover, you can even play the role of former U.S. President Barack Obama.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Snapchat has taken many actions recently. It not only acquired WaveOptics, an AR waveguide display manufacturer, for more than $500 million, but also released AR glasses Snap Spectacles for AR developers at the annual Snapchat Partner Summit. Its AR glasses Snap Spectacles are known to be very lightweight, and are said to be only 134 grams, but the AR display effect is 4 times brighter than Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, and the experience is better. Besides, the AR glasses also support recording 10 seconds of AR video and voice control. Building a new AR experience through the Snapchat application and new hardware updates have caused a sensation in the industry. The continuous introduction of new filters this time is also a good way to increase the number of new Snapchat users.

Coincidentally, Apple has recently launched two publicity initiatives, adding a new AR function to the Apple Pay website. In addition, Apple also introduced a new filter created by its own designer. Apple stated on the payment website that users can use Apple Pay for a virtual trip to New York and experience the platform in an AR environment. When the user clicks on this selection, the AR experience can be immediately launched in the Safari browser. This experience can be used globally, regardless of whether the user is actually in New York.

Specifically, as long as the user’s iPhone supports the AR function, they can “click” their iPhone on the New York City subway turntable to enter a specially created virtual environment. It simulates the subway journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan and the skyline view of New York City. At the same time, for local users in New York, Apple also specially designed a new filter that allows customers to pass the King’s Theatre, the sea glass carousel in Battery Park, and the main hall of the New York City Museum of Science on the subway.

The new AR filter experience has been added to high-traffic platforms such as Snapchat and Apple, and it has become a popular promotion tool that big manufacturers are willing to deploy. Thanks to the trend of AR filter experience, the extremely high degree of realism has convinced many people that it is true, and many brand manufacturers incorporate this gameplay into AR interaction. As for WIMI, a technology company that has always been good at interacting with AR, naturally does not miss these opportunities. In fact, WIMI is a technological innovation company that integrates holographic, AR, VR, AI, 3D projection visual effects, and other comprehensive technical solutions.

According to some public information, WIMI Hologram Cloud was founded in 2015. It focuses on holographic cloud services, mainly in vehicle-mounted AR holographic HUD, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic equipment, holographic semiconductor, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation, and other professional fields, covering multiple links of AR technology, including holographic vehicle-mounted AR technology, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic vision semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, holographic AR entertainment technology, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic communication, and so on. It is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider.

For wearable AR devices, foreign technology giants such as Apple, Facebook, and Google’s products are the first to attract the attention of the world and become the focus of the public. Besides these, the manufacturer that can still get a share of the pie is definitely WIMI, one of the technology companies dedicated to holographic AR application technology, and its successful results cannot be ignored. WIMI has published a patent for a holographic AR head-mounted display, using retinal scanning display (RSD) and semi-permeable film array slab waveguide technology. More immersive head-mounted AR display technology has the advantages of the large field of view, low power consumption, wearable, modular, stereoscopic display, and a high degree of customization. In terms of telemedicine, industrial construction, environmental simulation, traffic instructions, virtual education, holographic communication, 3D printing, assisted driving, etc., the penetration rate will be further increased.

WIMI’s holographic AR head-mounted display is a major step forward in the company’s process from concept to implementation and provides information for subsequent product upgrades. At the same time, WIMI relies on the research team of its Academy of Sciences, which provides a unique advantage for the promotion and use of AR head-mounted displays. WIMI continues to optimize the holographic AR technology to build it into a business platform for brands to provide revenue. In recent years, WIMI has made outstanding achievements in the output of holographic AR advertising and entertainment technology. It is advancing the wide application of holographic technology in more industries and expanding its leading position in the industry. WIMI will also continue to expand its reserves of high-quality holographic computer vision, and it will pay particular attention to the development of computer vision in the entertainment and education fields in the short-term and medium-term. Besides, WIMI continues to focus on technology research and development, including general holographic technology and client software, and to improve big data and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

As an industry leader, WIMI has always paid great attention to industry development and industry research, and is committed to industrial investment in holographic AR. WIMI seeks strategic cooperation, acquisition, and investment opportunities on a global scale to help the holographic AR industry and enterprises develop rapidly, and has invested in more than dozens of high-quality upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain. The areas involved include holographic AR interactive component design, holographic AR optical component development, holographic AR image development, holographic AR hardware/software development, holographic AR application expansion, holographic AR platform construction, and other related industry enterprises. WIMI will continue to increase the scale of industrial investment and industry research, and establish a professional industrial investment fund to support companies and teams with great development potential in the industry, and to help and guide the rapid development of the industry. Besides, WIMI is committed to the innovation of holographic technology with peer partners, helping the rapid development and rise of the industry, and promoting the global holographic digitalization process.

In addition to AR head-mounted displays, in a series of software updates, WIMI will launch a brand-new promotional channel for the brand, that is, AR virtual try-on. In cooperation with large e-commerce merchants of Taobao, users can use the panorama display implemented by WIMI and the scanning function on the AR product shopping platform to directly put the purchased products into the use scene. Meanwhile, WIMI also provides customers with technical support to generate user “avatars” by scanning in three seconds. Users can see the try-on effect of clothing without changing the clothes themselves, allowing buyers to see the effect directly, realizing a “what you see is what you get” AR shopping experience. After scanning the item, users can get the relevant information introduction of the product, or jump directly to the purchase page of Taobao merchants.

In cooperation with e-commerce merchants, WIMI used its AR function to make another big change, that is, to expand its e-commerce business. WIMI provides users with services such as trying on clothes and trying on beauty makeup. The operation is simple, so that people can quickly consume while socializing, sharing, and entertaining on the platform. E-commerce will be an area that it focuses on, and it also brings new and novel experiences to users. At present, this combination of e-commerce and entertainment applications will continue to be launched on major social platforms, such as Tik Tok and Tmall, launching new ways to bring goods

In terms of technology, WIMI has also continuously optimized the camera’s imaging technology to make it more compatible and suitable for users with various skin tones to take pictures. WIMI obtained a patent for real-time holographic imaging with an atomized particle size of 2-4μm, established a database, and stored experimental holographic data and background holographic data. Meanwhile, it deletes the original background in the holographic data, and grayscales the holographic data of the user. Besides, it uses the virtual engine + S type Kit to track the rocker arm, demonstrates the product function through the Viz r tAR system, and realizes the AR imaging effect in the real holographic scene of WIMI, which is convenient for the audience to understand the function and purchase the product.

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