Introducing Dr. Vengurlekar, founder of Pain Management Institute; certified in Interventional pain, Surgery and Anesthesiology

August 04 21:32 2021
Introducing Dr. Vengurlekar, founder of Pain Management Institute; certified in Interventional pain, Surgery and Anesthesiology

Dr. Vengurlekar, the founder of Pain Management Institute (and certified in Interventional pain, surgery, and Anesthesiology), has opened up his services for patients who desire confidentiality and complete privacy in treating pain disorders.

Broken down for the layman, Interventional pain management is a method that utilizes pain-blocking techniques to help make day-to-day activities less complicated and effectively restore the quality of life for patients. Surgery, electrostimulation, nerve blocks, or implantable drug delivery systems may be used as part of the treatment process.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50 million adults in the United States have chronic daily pain, with 19.6 million adults experiencing highimpact chronic pain that interferes with everyday life or work activities. Patients with acute and chronic pain in the United States face a crisis because of significant challenges in obtaining adequate care, resulting in profound physical, emotional, and societal costs.

Dr. Vengurlekar has been at the forefront of these challenges mentioned above, devoting his practice to treating pain and suffering for over 30 years. He is a triple board-certified interventional pain specialist and also proficient in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. He adds fluidity to his work by developing a treatment plan for his patients to relieve, reduce, or eliminate pain to get back to work and everyday activities quickly without surgery, reliance on medication, or more physical therapy.

Patients who receive Dr. Vengurlekar’s world-class treatments will benefit from the following:

   1. Return next day to work and their lives
   2. Treatment without surgery, narcotics, or more physical therapy.
   3. Ideal for athletes, celebrities, actors, corporate executives.
   4. Communicate securely to live painlessly.
   5. Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.
   6. Health records cannot be traced; Health records cannot be tracked.
   7. Safe from discovery by other individuals or agencies or businesses.
   8. Care provided to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Dr. Vengurlekar’s achievements and laurels show why he’s among the best to treat pain disorders. He’s been awarded gold medals in surgery in statewide competitive examinations. He’s also ranked among the top three in the class in each year of medical school and residency. In addition, he was on the Dean’s List throughout medical school as well as being the Best Outgoing Surgical Resident, among many other glittering laurels.

Perhaps, the most profound pointers to Dr. Vengurlekar’s efficacy are the glowing reviews his treatment has elicited from patients. According to Nick Ruggeri in Phoenix, AZ, “Dr. Vengurlekar actually listens to what you have to say. Dr. Vengurlekar knows what questions to ask and what tests to perform to properly diagnose and treat your problems. In my case, I have DDD. I have seen five other doctors (no help at all) before I found Dr. Vengurlekar. Dr. Vengurlekar’s approach to providing my immediate severe pain relief, in addition to securing a long-term, pain-free life, has been a Godsend. This is why Dr. Vengurlekar was named top 100 docs in 2015 and 2016”.

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