The Happy Therapist Sonia Singh and Center of Inner Transformations (COIT) Takes the Lead in Cannabis Health

August 05 01:51 2021
The Happy Therapist Sonia Singh and Center of Inner Transformations (COIT) Takes the Lead in Cannabis Health

With the advancement in medical marijuana research came the surge in demand for cannabis-related treatments, and Sonia Singh, MSW, LCSW, LCADC, is at the forefront of it all. Better known for her trademarked name, The Happy Therapist, Sonia is one of the leading board-licensed psychotherapists in New Jersey.

Recognized in the medical marijuana industry for her groundbreaking mental health and medical marijuana treatment programs, Sonia Singh is indeed an authority in her industry. She is the founder and CEO of Center of Inner Transformations, LLC (COIT). The company is best recognized for its leading edge alternative treatment programming called The Cannabis Health Program at COIT.

Following the advancements in the marijuana legislature in 2017, Sonia Singh has expanded her programs to offer unique medical cannabis counseling programs and interventions. In addition, she has made them available for individuals in various states legalizing cannabis treatments. The Happy Therapist aims to provide healing with cannabis carried in an efficient manner to deliver therapeutic and medical life-changing effects. 

Sonia Singh began understanding more of her own mental health during her youth, and the journey led her to develop a passion for creating alternative mental health and wellness services. She fostered the interest in healing friends, family, and herself through unconventional means; a dream realized a decade later as she dived deeper into cannabis-fueled health practices. Soon enough, Sonia was influencing individuals and communities, leaving her mark in people’s lives by introducing alternative treatments that are ethical, safe, and viable.

COIT also offers psychosis-induced cannabis therapies. The company’s treatments are intended to provide a natural route to addressing certain conditions treatable naturally with cannabis, along with the assistance of clinical professionals and state-of-the-art tools and modern education.

“My agency was the first mental health agency to incorporate an alternative tract mental health and substance abuse treatment program incorporating medical cannabis medicines such as medical marijuana, CBD, Delta-9, and the other various compounds found in the cannabis plant species,” Sonia Singh proudly shared. 

Sonia Singh graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Rutgers University-Newark. Not long after graduation, she received a partial scholarship. She completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work with a Certificate in Addiction Counseling and Treatment at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Eventually, Sonia began pursuing a Doctoral Degree at Columbia University in New York City. Today, she holds two separate doctoral-level clinical state board licenses. In 2020, Sonia found a new avenue to share her knowledge by providing educational lectures at Rutgers University, The National Association of Social Workers, other well recognized corporations and political organizations related to her field and specialty.

Sonia Singh has helped thousands of patients in various treatment settings–outpatient treatment centers, intensive outpatient treatment centers, intensive in-home/in-community treatment settings, private group practice, hospitals, and now in private practice. On top of offering thorough treatments in her clinical work, Sonia also developed The Happy Therapist Recommended medicinal product line through her partnerships with women and minority owned hemp and cannabis farms.

“My mental health and substance abuse treatment programming is specialized to identify a unique health need presented by this emerging demographic–canna-curious or cannabis-friendly individuals,” said Sonia Singh. “We specialize in teaching skills that our competition has yet to specialize in. We are the trailblazers of mental health and cannabis treatments. We have decades of clinical research, passion, and understanding at the foundation of The Cannabis Health Program at COIT’s programming. We are leaders in our specialty and are in the process of creating training for other mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals from around the world so they can support the needs presented by medical cannabis users.”

With her dedication to excellence, Sonia Singh has been featured across multiple platforms in the local, national, and international media arena. Along with her award-winning team at COIT, Sonia facilitated the First Medical Marijuana Program Card Drives.

In addition, as a first-generation Punjabi-American woman, Sonia Singh always aims to work with diverse cultures. She is committed to breaking barriers when it comes to mental health and developing a multicultural network that recognizes the strength of cannabis use for human health.

Learn more about Sonia Singh and the Center of Inner Transformations (COIT) on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Disclaimer: The Products and Ancillary Services provided by The Happy Therapist or the Center of Inner Transformations are THC-free and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

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