Blazing SEO: Leading the Residential Proxies Industry Through Ethically Sourced IP Addresses

August 05 02:39 2021
The company offers the most reliable residential proxy service in the world.

Fortune 500, travel conglomerates, search engines, e-commerce companies, government agencies and many other highly-respected businesses use proxies all the time. Now, more businesses understand that proxies are essential for sifting the information they need from the zettabytes of data on the internet. Blazing SEO is a reliable proxy provider that champions ethically sourced IP addresses for proxy usage. It provides the backbone for their clients’ web scraping and data aggregation needs.

Blazing SEO is proud of its unmatched commitment to ethics. Unlike any other residential proxy seller, it is not satisfied with half-measures but sets the highest industry standard for ethical usage and acquisition of proxies. Some providers obtain IP addresses without the knowledge of the user. Others get them only with the users’ consent in the most technical sense of the word.

Blazing SEO, on the other hand, acquires residential proxies using two distinctive methods. They pay customers directly through Cash Raven, and resell from partners who share its values. They do not collect personal information from users who consent to their device being used as a proxy. All they use is the IP address. Their partners can limit the conditions in which their connections may be used, and they can opt-out at any time.

“Transparency, relationship and compensation — these are the values that Blazing SEO champions to provide you with ethically sourced residential proxies that advocate a healthy business growth,” shared a company representative.

Their infrastructure handles billions of scrapes each month. And they offer their clients excellent features, including unlimited bandwidth, API support and residential and data center IPs.

Blazing SEO started as a one-man project eight years ago and has grown to be recognized as the largest U.S.-based proxy provider. They have the backing of a dedicated team of over 30 professionals and a dedicated end-to-end infrastructure that took nearly a decade to build.

They help small companies scrape millions of websites, government agencies aggregate data from across the web for analytics and Fortune 500 companies scrape billions of products on e-commerce sites. Whether the client needs a data center proxy or a dedicated server, Blazing SEO can help them find it faster, cheaper and better than anywhere else.

Blazing SEO provides 24-hour customer service for their customers.

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Blazing SEO is a reliable proxy provider that provides the backbone for the clients’ web scraping and data aggregation needs.

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