The Successful Journey Of Young Businessman Saad Rahmoune

August 05 06:06 2021
The Successful Journey Of Young Businessman Saad Rahmoune

Saad Rahmoune may only be 23 years old, but he has already accomplished a lot in his career. This Moroccan entrepreneur has always been interested in automobiles. Using innovative ideas, this young man brought to life the first automotive auction website in Morocco. Now it’s easier for people in the country to connect and buy or sell their used cars.

How Auto Enchere has changed the way Moroccans sell used automobiles 

Many of the citizens in Morocco take pride in their vehicles. Since there were so many automobile fanatics across the country, trading used vehicles has always been common. However, there was never a virtual platform to make the trading process easier. Saad Rahmoune co-founded Auto Enchere with this exact plan in mind.

Auto Enchere makes life easier for automobile lovers in Morocco. Saad Rahmoune created a digital database that gives users an interactive tour of the available inventory. People can check out the selection from the comfort of their own couch. When they see a vehicle they are interested in, they can easily get a quote or book an appointment for more information. It’s even easy to apply for financing directly online. 

When Saad Rahmoune was customizing Auto Enchere, he also wanted to make it easier for people who want to sell their used vehicles. This auction website has a reputation for offering Moroccan vehicle owners ready to sell the best price for their vehicle. Saad Rahmoune and his team even handle all the paperwork to make things easier for their customers.

One of Morocco’s leading entrepreneurs under 30

Saad Rahmoune is an upcoming entrepreneur who is doing great things for people in Morocco. Even though he is only 23 years old, he has already developed an innovative company and has a professional reputation. Thanks to the work Rahmoune has put into Auto Enchere, many Moroccan drivers were able to afford a luxury car that’s safe on the road.

Auto Enchere isn’t the only company Saad Rahmoune has under his belt. He is also the CEO of RodXBT Capital Investments LLC. He is dedicated to helping companies across Morocco reach their business and investment goals. Rahmoune’s work has helped many companies further their successes financially.

Saad Rahmoune is always committed to excellence with every project he takes on. With Auto Enchere consistently growing, Saad Rahmoune has a busy year ahead of him. To find out more, follow Rahmoune on Instagram at

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