GinSen London Shares Insight on How to Prepare for the Autumn Season Using Chinese Traditional Medicine

September 17 11:40 2021
The transition between fall and autumn comes with changes in nature, dietary plans, and lifestyle and GinSen London is committed to revealing how this transition can occur without complications with the use of Chinese traditional medicine

When fall phases out and autumn sets in, one of the significant challenges people are subjected to is the health of their lungs. The autumn season brings more colds and coughs, making the lungs and large intestines the two most vulnerable organs during the season. While the organs have their challenge, emotions face their ordeal as it feels like with autumn comes with bouts of sadness and grief and the feeling of letting go.

Failing to adequately prepare for the transition into the autumn season and adjust when it finally comes will lead to stagnation, eventually affecting the health of the lungs and large intestine. On the other hand, with preparation, the autumn season is the perfect time to let go of any self-doubt, detox the body, and experience personal growth. On this note, GinSen London, a traditional Chinese medical clinic, has unveiled five tips to ensure one is adequately prepared for autumn.

In a blog post published on TCM Blog, the clinic explained that getting acupuncture will efficiently circulate the Qi (air) in the lungs and large intestines. With acupuncture, the immune system will be strengthened to combat the germs that pop up during colder months. Furthermore, acupuncture can help decrease pain, ease autumn allergy symptoms and cold and flu symptoms, regulate digestion and calm the mind.

Since the autumn season will be a bit colder, the Chinese clinic advises that keeping warm is quintessential for seeing through autumn. Dressing to keep warm will prevent cold from getting into the body and affecting the lungs.

The clinic also advised that food is a vital preparation requirement ahead of autumn. It suggested that warm and cooked food are potent in preventing infections during autumn. Soups and stews with warming spices like cardamom, cumin, coriander, and black pepper are great options as well, while salads and other cold foods must be avoided.

Furthermore, taking deep breaths was recommended as part of the steps to prepare for autumn. There is no time of the year when taking deep breaths is not essential, but during autumn, when a shortage of Qi circulation threatens the lungs, there is a great need to take deep breaths.

Ultimately, taking herbs daily provides the immune system with sufficient strength to wade off germs and infections that come with autumn. Incorporating herbs as part of ones daily routine is a great way to boost the immune system, and GinSen London has the perfect product to achieve that – Cordyceps.

Cordyceps is a type of medicinal mushroom said to offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Often touted as a natural energy booster, Cordyceps is purported to improve athletic performance, stimulate the immune system, boost libido, slow the ageing process, and promote detox.

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