Racing Sports Concepts releases cutting-edge Carbon Fiber Aero Kits package for exotic sports cars

October 11 18:06 2021
Racing Sports Concepts has launched a line of highly advanced performance-boosting Aero Kits package, with parts made from 100% pre-impregnated Carbon Fiber.

Columbus, OH – October 11, 2021 – Leading Ohio-based exotic car performance parts manufacturer Racing Sports Concepts has recently released state-of-the-art Carbon Fiber Aero Kits package for luxury sports cars such as the new C8 Corvette, Porsche, the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 as well as Lamborghini Huracan, Gallardo, and Aventador.  All the parts included in the package are backed by advanced design and manufacturing methods and have shown to improve both performance and looks of the sports streams big time. Given their carbon fiber construction, the new parts assure less weight and great durability.  

The Racing Sports Concepts new Aero kit package comes with a front splitter, rear ducktail spoiler as well as side skirts.  

In an exclusive interview, the spokesperson from RSC shared that their latest front splitter is designed to pump up the luxury steams with a more aggressive look, without compromising on ground clearance. During the multiple testing phases, the part has shown huge improvements in the lap times. Made from 100% pre-impregnated Carbon Fiber, the product is a breeze to install, without the hassles of additional drilling or cutting. 

“Our new advanced carbon fiber front splitter has been designed with the help of the most advanced laser scanning equipment for automotive applications, with tolerances.

Speaking about the rear ducktail spoiler, the spokesperson mentioned its state-of-the-art complex 3D spoiler design. The advanced design has shown to enhance the aerodynamic downforce big time as well as transform the rear end of the luxury cars. 

“Our handcrafted Rear ducktail spoiler is a powerful, lightweight and highly functional aerodynamic part. It is intelligently designed to create a high-pressure region over the aft section that will eventually push the tires into the asphalt, thereby increasing the grip, both horizontally and laterally. The spoiler stands out with its advanced aerodynamically-efficient downforce design which has consistently shown to boost performance at different race tracks during our testing phase”, explained the spokesperson adding that the spoiler has been developed by a highly seasoned team of aerodynamicists and engineers, backed by decades of combined experience in OEM and Motorsport. 

The new RSC Carbon Fiber side skirts stand out with their form fitting sleek design that seamlessly blends with the body line of the C8 or other sports cars, making the vehicle lower and wider to the eye. Good part is, there is no additional modification needed to install the part and the advanced side skirts can easily attach to the existing car body. Per the statements of the spokesperson, they have used existing factory hardware and additional 3M double sided tape while developing the side skirts to ensure the easy fit without unwanted need for further modification.  

“Our new side skirts are the only ones in the contemporary market without the flap design.” 

For questions about ordering or installation, or to find out more about the C8 Corvette aero parts and accessories available from Racing Sport Concepts, please visit online at or call 1-800-815-3751.

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