Why Students Should Connect to a VPN While Using a School Wi-Fi Network

October 11 18:50 2021

Majority of the countries all over the world have already resumed physical classes with moderate safety measures. And since students are now spending more time on campus, their pastime would include browsing the internet via their school’s wi-fi network.

Campus wi-fis may be a huge help for students in terms of connectivity but since this type of public network is controlled by the institution’s administrators, one should expect that these connections come with several constraints.

Good news is, there is a tool that could help students resolve this matter.

A VPN is a systems software that makes it possible for online users to conceal their IP address. As a result, nobody, even the pesky cyber third parties, could access their online information and activities.

And if you’re curious as to how a VPN would benefit students who frequently browse the internet via their school wi-fi networks, read on below to know why.

  1. Gain access to various social networking sites

Chances are, school wi-fis have a long list of blocked social media platforms. Campus administrators impose these limitations reckoning that it would be for the best interest of their students. 

With a VPN, students can safely and securely contravene this rule by aiding them into bypassing any internet surfing restrictions.

  1. Avoid getting hacked

Campus wi-fis are still considered as a public internet network. This means that all of the pieces of information that one inputs aren’t secured at all, even if they are using incognito browsers.

But by connecting to a VPN, every user’s data will be hidden from cyberhackers that may try to steal and breach their information. This software tool ensures safe browsing for online users anytime, anywhere.

  1. Useful aid in times of emergencies

Nowadays, instant messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber are commonly used to converse with other people. And since most of the campuses block these apps, there’s a limited to no way that families can contact those who are connected via campus wi-fis during emergencies and impasses.

With a VPN , students can access these apps and stay updated with their families and relatives even though they are far away from home.

Students will surely have more freedom in discovering the massive virtual world, even on campus. A free VPN app like GoingVPN would be very much helpful in guaranteeing online safety and privacy while browsing the web. This free VPN offers unlimited data bandwidth, max-speed technology, and a tight encryption process to its users.

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