Why cold brewing tea is popular? Let’s learn it

October 11 19:04 2021

As the pace of people’s lives accelerates, a tea-drinking method that breaks through the tradition-the “cold brewing method” has become popular, especially in summer, more and more people use the “cold brewing method” to make tea, which is not only convenient but also Refreshing and expelling heat.

Cold brewing, that is, brewing tea leaves with cold water, can be said to subvert the traditional method of brewing tea.


1. Keep beneficial substances intact

Tea is rich in more than 700 substances and has high nutritional value, but after boiling water brewing, many nutrients are destroyed. In recent years, tea experts have tried various methods to solve the double problem of not only retaining the taste of tea, but also retaining the nutrients of the tea. Cold brewing tea is one of the successful methods.

2. The anti-cancer effect is outstanding

When hot water is brewed, the polysaccharides in tea that have the effect of lowering blood sugar will be severely destroyed, and hot water can easily brew theophylline and caffeine in tea, which does not help lower blood sugar. It takes a long time to brew tea in cold water, so that the polysaccharides in the tea can be fully brewed, which has a better auxiliary treatment effect for diabetic patients.

3. Does not affect sleep

The caffeine in tea has a certain refreshing effect, which is an important reason why many people have insomnia at night after drinking tea. When green tea is brewed in cold water for 4-8 hours, the beneficial catechins can be effectively brewed, while the caffeine is only less than 1/2. This brewing method can reduce the release of caffeine and does not hurt the stomach. It does not affect sleep, so it is suitable for people with sensitive physique or stomach cold.

Three steps to make cold brewing tea.

1. Prepare tea, cold boiled water (or mineral water), glass cup or other containers.

2. The ratio of water to tea leaves is about 50 ml to 1 gram. This ratio has the best taste. Of course, people can increase or decrease it according to people taste.

3. After standing at room temperature for 2 to 6 hours, people can pour out the tea soup for drinking. The tea tastes sweet and delicious (or filter the tea leaves and put them in the refrigerator before refrigerating). Green tea has a shorter time and tastes out within 2 hours, while oolong tea and white tea have a longer time.

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