Noble Peace Prize Nominee, Ted Sun, Shares Secrets to Understanding and Overcoming Depression

October 12 23:30 2021
Ted Sun’s latest book, Say No to Depression, presents ground-breaking solutions to beating depression.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a surge in the number of people experiencing depression. And despite efforts to address it, a cure has yet to be found. Noble Peace Prize Nominee and Richest Life USA founder, Master Ted Sun, presents solutions in his book Say No to Depression. The book outlines methods that can guide modern medicine in helping people from around the globe overcome and prevent depression.

Say No to Depression has “everything you need to know about depression and how to beat it.” The book eliminates myths, shares comprehensive explanations, and dives into the root cause of the illness.

Master Sun’s holistic approach to eradicating depression lies in managing and balancing energy. According to him, depression arises from the accumulation of negative energy. If left alone, this causes an energy imbalance that leads to other illnesses. Through the strategies in Master Sun’s book, people can build essential self-correcting mechanisms and positive perceptions to regain balance in their lives.

Say No to Depression is for everyone who’s battling with depression and those who want to learn more about the illness so they can lead healthy, happy lives. The book is available in paperback at Amazon. It’s also available as an audiobook at Audible, iTunes, and Kindle.

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