Learning made fun by Duhane Williams’s new Trace A-Z workbook “Coloring Now!”

October 19 01:03 2021
This coloring workbook brings the ideal solution for children struggling to learn writing down their ABCs.

New York, NY – “Coloring Now” helps cultivate a child’s creativity and imagination with exciting colors and engaging activities. Children have fun going through this coloring book while improving their hand-to-eye coordination and motor skills. It also helps them enjoy the process, and they realize that learning doesn’t have to be boring. This coloring book provides the perfect opportunity for parents struggling to keep their children productive at home. 

“Your child is at an age where they’re building on their hand-to-eye coordination and motor skills,” explains Duhane. “Nurture their potential with this sensational tracing A-Z workbook series that will not just help them build on their handwriting capabilities but will also engage their imagination and love for learning using bright, bold colors!”

Children are like sponges, excited to learn all they can while also having fun. However, children will avoid the process once learning becomes boring, and their productivity will also reduce substantially. “Coloring Now” tackles this specific problem by offering exciting and adorable characters brought to life with a child’s imagination. Parents can now encourage their kids to develop their handwriting skills through fun and discovery while preparing them for an exceptional school performance.

This book is available on Amazon starting from 11.99$. For more information on “Coloring Now,” visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/6277505157.

About Duhane Williams

Duhane Williams is the best-selling author from New York, NY. He has had many successful releases in the past, including “into the Woody Hills.” Duhane is committed to helping children nurture their potential through his exciting short stories and engaging activity books. He has indeed helped many families through his publications and continues to work on new projects to bring to life. 

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