Introducing a new way to snack on one’s favorite chocolates guilt-free

October 19 02:15 2021

What is someone most likely to reach for, when they say they’re going to get a snack?

It’s probably chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate.

People keep buying it and consuming it en-masse.

Yet the reason why people keep doing this is not a mystery.

The reason is clear. It tastes fantastic.

And the good news is that now there are ‘healthy’ alternatives.

Now with that said, what if there WAS a way to satisfy one’s late-night cravings with sweet, smooth, and crunchy chocolate with nutritious benefits, with healthy alternative chocolate that tasted just as good as traditional chocolate..

Going a step further, what if that chocolate was jam-packed with nutritious content to supercharge one’s health?

It sounds too good to be true, right?

It’s not, because this is exactly what the team over at Hemp Love have been working on, and succeeding at!

Founder of Hemp Love, Nancy Kaye, started Hemp Love after she saw an opportunity to create a healthier alternative to chocolate by simply including the RIGHT organic ingredients to the mix.

Organic superfoods like hemp seeds that contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro nutrients.

The result of this mix was chocolate that is nutritious and healthy, and yet still tastes just as good as ‘traditional’ chocolate!

Striking the balance between health, and the goodness in taste that we have always attributed to chocolate.

Hemp Love’s revolutionary chocolate range has allowed them to grow at a rapid rate, but more importantly, create a change in the lives of their customers.

Hemp love founder, Nancy says:

“Hemp Love was created as I researched ways to experience health in a fresh new way while making a chocolate bar that is both nourishing and tasty so that we can indulge & enjoy without regrets. Inspired by my everyday health & wellness choices, it was also important to me that my brand is organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free & soy-free.”

Hemp Love have thus not only created an excellent choice for consumers who practice mindful eating and are looking to nourish their body with healthy organic food

But also for consumers who want to buy products that are 100% dairy free, soy free, gluten free, vegan, and paleo friendly.

Because for those customers, Hemp Love is a brand they will love – all of their products are as such (dairy free, soy free, gluten free, vegan, AND paleo friendly!)

With healthy living being at the forefront of more minds than ever before, brands that turn the traditional, ‘unhealthy’ snacks, into healthy, yet still tasty versions, are poised to disrupt the food industry and the billion dollar corporations that inhabit it.

Hemp Love’s success is exemplified by this fact, with their chocolates quickly becoming a staple in markets throughout Southern California…

Showing that they not only have a world-class product, but consumers are actively craving these types of foods.

One thing is for sure and that is that the future of Hemp Love is bright.

Order their products on their website and get free shipping on orders above $72.00

DISCLAIMER: Our bars are CBD & THC Free! 

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