Nagler Foot Center Provides Trusted Achilles Tendon Repair Specialists For Patients

October 19 02:54 2021
Nagler Foot Center provides foot doctors and Achilles tendon repair specialists in Houston, Texas for patients.

Nagler Foot Center has a team of doctors who focus their practice on children and adult foot problems. As a highly competent foot clinic, they are capable of treating the most common and toughest foot disorders. Their podiatrists are passionate about what they do, as their services help to relieve pain, restore functions, as well as improve the appearance of the foot of their patients. They specialize in foot & ankle surgery, Achilles tendon repair, bunion surgery, hammertoe treatment, neuroma foot treatment, diagnostic podiatry ultrasound, degenerative joint surgery, non-surgical therapy, and more. 

Responding to a question, Nagler Foot Center’s spokesperson commented, “Dr. Nagler is among the leading foot doctors in Houston, and our foot specialists focus on all foot issues and are readily available to provide you with the best foot surgery experience. With quite a number of practiced doctors in our foot center, we ensure our patients receive special care and attention when they visit, as we have our head office in Houston, TX, and many patients travel from far places for treatment. Our foot and ankle specialist are among the best in Houston, and you can be sure to receive satisfactory services from us”.

The founder of Nagler Foot Center – Dr. Sherman Nagler – belongs to several hospital committees such as the Texas Podiatric Medical Association, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, American Podiatric Medical Association, and Harris County Podiatry Society. This foot clinic is also popular for their attention to detail and method of procedures employed by the doctors when it comes to foot surgery. These doctors are committed to providing remedies to foot disorders and do their best to ensure that patients are satisfied with the end results of their surgeries. For a foot doctor in Houston, TX with the required skills and equipment to treat disturbing foot disorders, people can visit Nagler Foot Center.

The spokesperson further added, “Get in touch with us if you experience problems with your Achilles tendon or you notice a pop at the back of your ankle. Nagler Foot Center is also an advanced facility that offers proper medical attention to problems regarding the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon happens to be the hardest and thickest tendon in the human body, and it links the gastrocnemius, soleus, as well as plantaris with the calcaneus. We understand that they are likely to have one problem or another as a result of the dorsiflexion or plantar flexion present in a human’s ankle, thus, we bring in our A-game to provide our patients with trusted remedies for such problems”.

Achilles tendon problems are most common amongst football players, soccer players, swimmers, and dancers, as it is caused by rigorous push-off motion. This injury may sometimes lead to minor or severe problems resulting in pain, as well as affecting the movement of the foot. For Achilles tendon rupture caused by sudden falls, injuries, or coerced upward motions, Nagler Foot Center provides an Achilles tendon repair specialist in Houston to treat such issues through open surgery or percutaneous surgery.

About Nagler Foot Center:

Nagler Foot Center offers excellent foot and ankle treatment to patients through a team of well-versed doctors. For ankle deformities at birth, caused by accident, sports injury, arthritis, diabetes, neuromuscular disorders, among others, they have doctors who are experts at providing solutions. Hence, people can contact Nagler Foot Center to know more about ankle surgery cost in Houston.

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Houston, Texas 77004.

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