PQ Ear Plugs Suggest Switching to Wax

October 22 06:21 2021

This week, PQ Ear Plugs posted a survey on earplugs usage based on four years of customer experience. They figured out that wax earplugs are better than the rest because they can solve up to 90% of problems customers usually face.

PQ Ear Plugs is a leading company that sells foam, silicone, and wax earplugs in the US. They receive thousands of reviews from their customers every month. 85% of users mentioned the size of earplugs causing a lot of problems while using them. With wax earplugs, this issue is most easily solved.

“There are different types of earplugs. Everyone has a different ear size and shape, so often stopples get stuck, come out or put pressure on ears. With wax earplugs, you can pinch off and customize the size precisely. It is impossible to do with foam or silicone earplugs, and it solves most of the problems,” – says Ramiz Abbasov, founder of PQ Ear Plugs. “People can use wax earplugs whenever concentration is required, e.g. while sleeping, working, or studying. Wax earplugs are the most adjoining, so using them while swimming can prevent so-called swimmer ear infections caused by bacteria getting into wet ears. There are also lots of people who don’t like getting wet ears after showering. Wax earplugs are the solution.”

“They will fit because you can pinch off what you need. My 3-year-old niece was fine with them. We used them in a movie theater for her.” – says Christopher S. Brown, the customer of PQ Ear Plugs.

“I love the size of them. They’re perfect for my ears. There’s honestly nothing I dislike about them. I won’t be buying any other earplugs except these!” – says Kirstie, PQ Ear Plug customer and a student who usually studies with her younger family members playing next room.

“I like that I can wear these and sleep on my side. I couldn’t do that with other earplugs before!” – says Kayla Copeland, PQ Ear Plug customer.

PQ Ear Plugs has used its sales data and thousands of customer reviews to rank and compare different types of earplugs. While some findings are quite obvious, others have come as a complete surprise. 

Not only this study shows the problems people face while using earplugs and how wax stopples can solve them. It also shows some everyday situations where earplugs surprisingly come handy beyond their obvious purpose or simply add a new unexpected twist. Check what users have to say about the way wax earplugs have made a difference in their lives.

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