Rockstar Realtor Paul Gomberg Delivers Chills and Thrills in Hilarious New Halloween Video

October 22 06:33 2021
Rockstar Realtor Paul Gomberg Delivers Chills and Thrills in Hilarious New Halloween Video
Coldwell Banker agent Paul Gomberg, the “Rockstar Realtor” thinks outside the box when promoting his business. For Halloween, he’s made a scary, action packed and laugh out loud funny video, to highlight the pitfalls of “bad staging” when listing a house.

Paul Gomberg, the Rockstar Realtor, has a reputation for making outlandish and hilarious videos to promote his services as a real estate agent. His clients buy, list and sell with Paul, his unparalleled industry knowledge, experience, and local expertise being an essential asset to anyone looking to find their dream home, or sell their old properties. One skill that Paul recently has aquired, however, is that of a monster hunter, in this madcap video made by Gomberg and Dylan Mars Greenberg.

The video takes “bad staging” when listing a home and brings it to an extreme when a client listing their mansion leaves their evil mother in law, who happens to be a vampiric monster, in the house to torment the Rockstar Realtor. When the monster won’t stop attacking Gomberg, he has to take matters into his own hands. 

The video’s description reads: “Please don’t tell me that your house has been decluttered, properly staged and ready for photos when it clearly was not ready. And leaving your recently deceased mother-in-law on the sofa. This is horrible staging at it’s worst.”

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Paul achieved massive notoriety in 2016 for his viral hit video “Real Estate Agent Sells Filthiest Home In Houston” garnering over 100 thousand views and landing him an appearance on ABC NEWS. Gomberg has continued making entertaining and hilarious videos since, reaching his clients through engaging and quick witted clips. Although his videos are funny, his buisiness is no joke.

“My thing is I just treat people like a Rockstar,” said Gomberg to ABC News. “I give them an experience during their real estate period of buying or selling that they’re going to always remember, and keeps them coming back for more.” 

Gomberg’s famous “Rockstar Treatment” includes a ride in his personal stretch limousine, and being on call 24/7. His Youtube channel hosts many of his riotous exploits which include trying to sell a mansion to an 11 year old, buying a house for a pampered dog, and driving a pregnant client to the hospital when her water unexpectedly breaks. 

His website reads: “It’s time for you to be treated like a Rockstar in your experience during your real estate transaction. Get your phone calls, emails & your text messages for information promptly returned assuming that Paul doesn’t answer the call personally. That may not seem like a big deal but national studies have shown the many real estate agents completely suck at answering calls and returning calls promptly or even at all. This lack of service leaving you with that WTF feeling of what to do next. You can have the Rockstar Limo at your disposal when we go searching for your new dream home, going to your inspections, final walk, and closing- whether it’s Buying or Selling. Just ask the Rockstar for more information!!” 

Visit Paul’s website at and call him at 713-446-8810 

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