Wonder Face, A Free Mobile Application, Makes it Easy to See Faces in Different Styles

October 26 17:51 2021

26 October, 2021 – United Kingdom – David Duris, a mobile app developer, has announced the release of Wonder Face, a new mobile application. Available now internationally in the iOS App Store, Wonder Face proves to be an interactive application that allows anyone to take a picture of their face and modify it into a new one with different styles and appearances.

Users can alter their face in a variety of ways, such as to look older or younger, to appear as a man or woman, or even to apply different hair colors, complexions, and eye colors, among other things. Designed purely for entertainment, Wonder Face helps people imagine what they, their friends, or their families would look like with similar face structures but different attributes. The free version of the app includes three fun styles, while a full, one-time paid version includes an extra 21 styles for a fully customizable experience.

“Wonder Face is a fun new mobile application, and we are excited to announce its release,” remarked David Duris, developer of Wonder Face. “Take a picture of your face or someone else’s, then apply styles to it and enjoy the realistic alternatives. People so often wonder what they would look like with slight changes to their appearance, and now they can get those answers. The app has been tested and perfected to ensure the quality of the results every time,” he added.

In addition, Wonder Face is committed to user privacy and does not collect any pictures or facial data. Now available for free in the iOS App Store, download the application today here to any eligible device and try the different styles and appearances.

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