Aco Recycling Launches G-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machine

November 22 17:54 2021
This machine is a game changer solution for recycling empty beverage containers

November 22, 2021 – Aco Recycling has launched the G-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machine, a game changing solution designed to introduce recycling habits into organizations all over the world. With this AI-driven smart reverse vending machine, you can easily recycle plastic, glass and aluminium in return for either deposit or non-deposit rewards.


More than 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950, and 60% of these plastics are dumped in landfills or left to litter the environment. If the world doesn’t take action to slow this trend down, this plastic will generate 56 billion tons of carbon emissions by 2050. With the G-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machine, Aco Recycling aims to make recycling both effortless and efficient.

“As of 2021, only 13% of the waste we produce globally is recycled,” says Aco Recycling founder Nihat Kuruüzüm. “These recycling ratios are shockingly low, given the bleak future that scientists have predicted. By rolling out G-1 smart reverse vending globally, we’ve brought the world an innovative and applicable solution for recycling and waste management.”

The G-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machine has simplified the entire recycling process from start to finish. With this machine, all one needs to do is deposit their empty beverage containers into the receiving hole. The machine then rotates the container to scan the Universal Product Code (UPC). Once the entry is recorded, the machine crushes the beverage containers into a smaller size, thus increasing storage capacity, and reducing operation and collection costs. At this point, the person recycling can choose what type of reward they want.

Aco Recycling V3 monitoring allows owners of the G-1 to monitor the machine’s fullness status with any smart device. This remote monitoring solution also offers the user access to maintenance status and last service dates, helping operators to make sure their machines are in good condition on the field.

By offering rewards in return for recycling, Aco Recycling is determined to create a positive culture of recycling worldwide. The average person can recycle over 25,000 cans in their lifetime, and Aco Recycling aims to turn this into a reality with their smart reverse vending machine. G-1 offers the kind of high accuracy and high efficiency needed to reverse the environmental degradation caused by recyclable waste. The Aco team can also help solve any technical difficulties remotely.

Aco Recycling aims to transform environmental practices worldwide with their new generation recycling machine. G-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machine is in the process of being deployed worldwide and is already in use in Spain, Serbia, Israel and South Korea.

About Aco Recycling

Aco Recycling is a manufacturer and specialist of reverse vending machines and advance waste monitoring systems designed for use worldwide. Their product lines include smart reverse vending machines, smart waste management solutions, underground waste containers and environmental gadgets. Aco Recycling builds all these solutions in-house to guarantee high-quality product and service experiences for both partners and clients.

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