Alpha Heater Reviews – An Advanced Lightweight Heater With Overheated Protection

November 22 19:24 2021

There is a mindboggling variety of personal cooling devices available in today’s market. Some of these have been efficient performers when it comes to cooling limited spaces. And the Alpha heater complaints and customer testimonials are aplenty, as are the reviews. 

Now, the Alpha Heater is a personal heating device touted to heat chilly, cold spaces and rooms for the user’s comfort. However, a search for Alpha Heater reviews online turns up very few results, of which a majority are misleading.

People from colder locales search for honest Alpha Heater reviews to decide upon the utility of the personal heating device. But, most online Alpha Heater reviews are compiled either for sales or to discredit the product and cut down sales. Therein, these reviews fail to provide the lowdown on Alpha Heater that the readers need. 

Alpha Heater Reviews – How Does This Durable Heater Works?

Unlike most of them, this Alpha Heater review has been compiled after a detailed study and usage of the Alpha Heater device by consumer experts. The team has conducted various quality assessments on the Alpha Heater, to determine its durability, safety, and performance specifications.

Some of the top consumer appliance experts have contributed to this Alpha Heater review for the benefit of the reader. This review will go through the advantages offered by this device, its technological details, and build quality, etc. The review will even delve into the potential drawbacks and hazards it has, to help people decide with confidence whether to buy the Alpha Heater or not. Read on. 

Alpha Heater Reviews

Product Name Alpha Heaters
Category  Heater
Main Benefit Helps to heat up chilly, and cool rooms rapidly
Unique Features Lightweight, Energy Savings, overheating protection
Temperature Range Can increase temperature up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
Multipack Available 1 heater, 2 heaters, and 3 heaters
Price $49.95
Money-back Guarantee Offered 30 Days
Official Website Click Here

What is Alpha Heater?

In one form or another, people today are well familiar with personal cooling devices. These small box-like devices offer cooling within closed quarters, and for the individual comfort of the user. Likewise, the Alpha Heater is a personal device aimed at user comfort and convenience. However, opposite to what cooling devices do, it heats up chilly, and cold rooms to living temperatures. 

Those from relatively colder countries would know how chilly it can get at homes, offices, and anywhere else people go. Most homes closer to either of the poles will have that one chilly room that the central heating just fails to cover.

Some even have dungeons or basements that no heating could reach. This becomes a major headache when the said room is a home office, living room, or cubicle at work. And that calls for a silent and power-efficient heating device, yet offers the comfort needed for one user, at the least. 

This is why the Alpha Heater personal heating device has been created. And the users of Alpha Heater say that it is an efficient heating device that delivers good heating performance at a minimal energy cost.

Portable and safe, this device is said to be useful at home or the office and could heat up to 350 square feet of area at a time. The compact and convenient design makes it highly portable, and the device has several redundancies in place to ensure safety. All without losing an arm and a leg to combat the chilly winters that force one to just stay in bed. 

So, here are some of the features of this device. 

Features of Alpha Room Heater

What makes Alpha Heater special? 

Surely, there are other heating devices to be found in the market today. And with extended usage, users have reported several problems with most of these devices. And this is where the Alpha Heater stands a cut above the rest, as per its customer feedback. Addressing much of the issues faced with these devices, the Alpha Heater personal heater ensures the safety of users, as well as energy-efficient function. Here, go through the specialties of Alpha Heater, in no particular order. 

  • Compact Design

The Alpha Heater is a device that comes in at just 28*6*2.5 inches. This is only as thick as an average PC monitor and similarly weighs very little. It is easy to transfer an Alpha Heater device from one power outlet to the next as it is to plug a phone charger from one to the next. This requires doing no heavy lifting and no technical knowledge besides plugging in a household device. 

  • Built-In Modes

There’s no doubt that other bulky and electricity gorging devices come with built-in modes too. But there is no device as small and as energy-efficient as the Alpha Heater is. Additionally, all modes in Alpha Heater come with safety cut-offs to prevent accidents. The maximum internal temperature for Alpha Heater is set at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond this temperature cut-off, the device will turn off on its own. It is also set to blow cold air through and cool itself in such instances. Also, the Alpha Heater turns itself off if it is ever tripped or falls, and can only be manually turned on after this. All of these modes ensure maximum security and efficiency from this device. 

  • Rapid Heating Mode

The in-built Rapid Heating mode puts the Alpha Heater to the test, and it delivers in flying colors. The device does not need much more than a minute or two to start working and will have an average room heated in just 15-20 minutes. The running time as well as the temperature, etc, may be set by the user according to convenience. 

  • Noise-Free

Even most industrial air conditioning devices make some noise when operating. Although this could go unnoticed for a long, it could become a nuisance, especially when trying to focus on work or studies, etc. This is why the ah device was made noise-free. Despite its excellent capabilities, the device makes little to no sound at all. This allows the user to focus upon important things, while the Alpha Heater takes care of their environment. 

  • Energy Savings

The Alpha Heater is a very small package that needs an even lesser amount of energy to operate. In contrast to other typical heaters and air conditioners, it is said to utilize up to 30% less energy. And it gets the job done just as easily as any other similar product out there. So, the users would not have to put up with sky-high electricity bills, just for the sake of keeping their environment comfortable. 

  • Safety Measures

From previous accidents and incidents that occurred, how dangerous heaters and air conditioners can be. Some of these devices contain harmful chemicals which upon malfunction could even become fatal for humans. This is why the Alpha Heater comes with several redundant safety measures. Its body is made of ceramics that do not radiate the heat outward, making it safe for touch. It does not choke users with concentrated hot air. And if it ever malfunctions or trips over, the device will shut itself off and carry out safety measures to avoid danger for the user. 

  • Better Air Quality

The Alpha Heater is a device that comes with a built-in air filter, unlike any other air conditioning device available today. This will filter out all pollutants, pathogens, etc from atmospheric air, keeping users fit and healthy. The device will even aid to remove foul smells and the like, making the environment much more pleasant and bearable for the users. 

Alpha Heater

Click Here To Order The Alpha Heater From The Official Website

How does Alpha Heater work?

The Alpha Heater personal heater works based on very simple principles which give it the efficiency and safety required. And, the device comes ready to use right out of the box, requiring no further assembly or technical assistance. It has no moving parts that are exposed, nor any chemicals that will cause unnecessary risk. 

The Alpha Heater consists of an internal radiator, which is a heating element, plus a powerful fan to circulate air. When turned on, the radiator heats up and reaches nearly 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature cap is set so that the device does not self-destruct or bring danger to a household, or office, etc. As the fan manages to pull in and circulate cold air through the fins of the radiator, this air is heated up.

And the device will spread out this air all across the room, or space it’s used in. Subsequently, the temperature of the space will rise, making it more bearable for human activities. 

The device is nimble and lightweight, meaning a user could transfer it from one room to the next easily. The simple plug-and-play mechanism ensures that users need no technical knowledge to use it. All that is needed to do is plug it into a power outlet, turn it on, and set the timer and temperature. The Alpha Heater device will take care of the rest. 

Benefits of Alpha Heater

There are several major benefits that the Alpha Heater offers its users. And the device has no restrictions besides the area of the room it could heat efficiently. On average it has been shown to heat a room of 350 square feet. Here are the main benefits of the Alpha Heater. 

  • Alpha Heater warms up the atmosphere quickly, and efficiently.
  • It consumes nearly 30% less energy, saving money. 
  • The temperature and duration can be decided by the user. 
  • The fan speed is also controllable with the built-in modes. 
  • The device cools itself down upon shut down. 
  • It is completely noise-free and has no vibrations. 
  • Controls overheating upon reaching a set temperature. 
  • Shuts off with three overheating incidents. 

The Alpha Heater device is extremely safe thanks to the various safety measures built into the controls of this device. The large and easy-to-operate switches and buttons make it very easy for users to navigate through the options and select their chosen setting.

The ceramic outer shell makes it nearly impossible to burn the process of operating or shifting the device. And it is delivered to the user ready to use and can be used immediately by plugging into a power source.

Alpha Heater Features

Pros and Cons


  • Foolproof and safe design
  • Easy operation
  • Preset modes
  • Additional safety measures
  • Free of open, moving parts
  • Chemicals-free


  • Limited stocks
  • Exclusive availability

Alpha Heater Specifications

Is Alpha Heater legit or not?

There are many Alpha Heater reviews online from users who have bought the Alpha Heater personal heater already. And this device delivers on its promises and does so saving a lot of money.

The build quality of this heater is incredible, says one review, while another exclaims its heating efficiency. Some of the users have even replaced entire home heating systems with several Alpha Heaters, claiming it is much more efficient than traditional options. 

So, the Alpha Heater is a legitimate solution for all heating needs, in any setup, or to any extent. 

Alpha Heater Customer responds

Click Here To Order The Alpha Heater From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Alpha Heaters Customer reviews and complaints

Although there are very few legitimate Alpha Heater reviews out there, the Alpha Heater customer reviews and feedback for this device have been overwhelming. People are flocking to their website after finding out the many benefits it has on offer.

And the user base of the Alpha Heaters is already in the thousands and still growing. Yet, there are no Alpha heater complaints to be found about the Alpha Heater in any of these customer reviews. On the contrary, people offer deep praise for the improvements this one piece of equipment has made in their lives. 

Alpha Heater Customer reviews

Alpha Heaters Pricing and Availability

As with any innovative tech product, there are duplicate products in the market that resemble Alpha Heater. However, none of these could offer the savings or efficiency offered by the Alpha Heater devices.

Nor do these offer the extensive safety measures included in the Alpha Heater package. This is why the creators have chosen to sell it nowhere else. It is not available on Amazon, or any other such marketplace, either online or offline. The Alpha Heaters can only be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer, where it is offered in several packages. 

The offers on the official website are as follows. 

1 heater – It comes at $49.95 with the refund policy. 2 heaters – This comes at a price of $94.91 and a refund policy.3 heaters- Get this package at $134.87 with the money-back guarantee. 

Each of the packages above is eligible for free shipping. All payments on this website are privacy guaranteed. The secure payment gateway will not retain any information more than the necessary period, and will not divulge the same to third parties either.

In addition to all of this, the website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the Alpha Heater is not up to standards. Remember, all of these benefits are available on purchases made on the official website only. 

Final Verdict on Alpha Heater Reviews

Overall, it is clear how the Alpha Heater could be a solution for the cold winters. It could even act as a viable replacement for the traditional energy-sapping devices and methods. The multiple layers of safety in-built to the device will ensure that no mishaps occur. This device would even cut off as soon as it either overheats or falls.

And since it has no chemicals or coolants within it, there would be no spills or toxicity anyway. 

So, by analyzing Alpha Heater reviews, it is clear that the Alpha Heater is a personal heating device that anyone can take advantage of today. The device can be bought in any available packages according to the user’s need and is guaranteed to perform. Otherwise, the manufacturer will refund the entire price of all purchases for up to 30 days. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take for shipping?

Domestic US shipment of the Alpha Heater device takes up to 7 days to be delivered. And the same for international orders is up to 15 days. 

  • How safe is this device?

It is 100% safe. With the safety measures in place to shut off in the event of falls, overheating, etc there is no chance of it leading to an accident or other problems. 

  • What if the Alpha Heater falls over?

In case of a fall, the device instantly shuts itself down and will not restart unless done manually. It is one of the redundancies in place to protect the users and their assets from accidents. 

  • How to reset the Alpha Heater after a fall?

Resetting the Alpha Heater after a fall is very simple. Just turn it off, remove the obstruction which caused it to overheat or fall. Wait for 10-15 minutes, plug the heater back in, and turn it on as usual. In case this does not work, the device must be faulty and needs replacement. 

  • What is the power required for its operations?


  • What is the maximum serviceable area for Alpha Heater?

A single Alpha Heater can heat a room or space of 350 square feet. 

  • What about the money-back guarantee?

The money-back guarantee is available only on purchases made on the official website. It is valid for up to 30 days from the date of purchasing the Alpha Heater device. 

Click Here To Order The Alpha Heater From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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