Ocean Web Alliance – Actionable Charity

November 23 22:51 2021
Ocean Web Alliance - Actionable Charity

Bursting onto the environmental conservation scene, Ocean Web Alliance is redefining what it means to be an actionable charity. In today’s overloaded charity market, Ocean Web Alliance seeks to stand out, not only by utilizing new technology and research to further their conservation goals but also by taking an active approach to philanthropy.

Rather than being content to talk and lobby for ambiguous goals and mission statements, Ocean Web Alliance is taking direct, targeted, and effective action to address identified major threats to the marine environment. As a newly founded charity, Ocean Web Alliance is using their currently limited resources to target lionfish – a largely overlooked, yet major, threat to reef ecosystems.

To combat the threat of lionfish, Ocean Web Alliance launched their first philanthropic lionfish culling expedition.

How Ocean Web Alliance is conserving marine life

Lionfish, an invasive species in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, pose an existential threat to reef ecosystems. Native fish are ill equipped to deal with these invaders and suffer the consequences. As prolific breeders, lionfish can quickly take over an invaded area and outcompete the native fish. This has resulted in a slow-motion ecological disaster for reefs across invaded areas. 

Currently, divers are the only effective tool to directly combat lionfish invasion. To utilize this tool and protect local reefs, Ocean Web Alliance, commissioned with Daddy Shark Token, launched their first Lionfish Culling Expedition, with the goal of removing as many lionfish as efficiently as possible. Even better, lionfish can be sold to local fish markets to help offset expedition costs and to provide sustainable, fresh fish to local markets.

On the first expedition, over 75 pounds of lionfish was removed and sold in these markets. To provide transparency and education, Ocean Web Alliance filmed a short documentary of this first expedition. The documentary can be found on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmmB_-GAYTk.

Ocean Web Alliance is just beginning

As Ocean Web Alliance expands their operations and donation pool, the only goal remains the same – vicious and direct conservation action to protect our waters. Ocean Web Alliance is excited to participate in more lionfish culling expeditions to help keep the marine ecosystem safe. Ocean Web Alliance also plans to utilize new technologies such as robotics to combat the lionfish threat even more efficiently.

Ocean Web Alliance, as a decentralized charity, is proud to contribute to such an important public cause and is dedicated to continually making the world’s waters a better place for man and fish.

Visit their website at: https://oceanweballiance.com/

Instagram at: https://instagram.com/oceanweballiance

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