The Best Christmas Gift is 30 Second Dance Party Holiday Edition

November 24 17:18 2021
Newest innovation from 30 Second Dance Party captures holiday magic one button at a time.

PORTLAND – Nov 24, 2021 – They said it couldn’t be done. The team at Dance Party Innovations didn’t listen.

“People kept saying we couldn’t create the perfect Christmas gift for parents. The perfect Christmas gift for teachers. The perfect Christmas gift for… well… anyone. Good thing we didn’t listen.” says Jam Sanderton, CEO of Dance Party Innovations, the company behind this groundbreaking new innovation.

Jam and team knew their original 30 Second Dance Party button was changing the world, but they had their sights set on another target. A target so important, they had world renowned artist Coco Gerania create a mural of it over the door to their innovation center in Luxembourg, the Dance Den.

“The holidays. We’d been trying for years to crack the holidays. There is so much depth and nuance to capturing holiday magic. That North Pole mural was a rallying cry. We knew the perfect gift for the holidays needed to not just be created for the holidays… it needed to be created about the holidays,” says Boof Smith, project lead for 30 Second Dance Party Holiday Edition.

Multiple trips to the north pole and thousands of prototypes later, they may just have done it. The new 30 Second Dance Party Holiday Edition manages to take all the innovation of the original button, and merge it with groundbreaking new holiday technology from around the world. The new colorway spawned from a collaboration with international color houses in Italy and Mexico, and a team of Tibetan monks created the remixed versions of Holiday classics that, during initial testing, brought members of Britain’s Queens Guard to tears.

“We knew the proprietary color system was enough to change the hearts of people all over the world” says lead colorist, Mick Purkle. “But then the team came back with the remixes of Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, Hava Nagila, Tidings of Comfort and Joy, and Auld Lang Syne, and we knew this button would change the universe.”

Fortunately, this perfect holiday gift is still available here on earth. Get it now at

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