Instamek Mobile Auto Repair Makes It Easy for Canadians to Ensure Safe Tires During Winter

November 26 05:39 2021

One-third of Canadians think all-season tires are safe for winter driving, but they’re not. The Safe Roads Association found out that only about half the population can identify when appropriate to use a different tire on their vehicle than what was originally installed. More than 80% don’t know how many types there are between summer/all-weather radials (which would be rated).

Almost one-fourth doesn’t realize this so-called “winter” set isn’t designed specifically with slippery conditions like icy pavements or deep snow; instead, its sole purpose is at higher altitudes where cars may travel up into Yukon Territory December.

According to a recent poll of 1,664 motorists from Canada, 89 percent of Canadians claim they face severe Winter driving circumstances at least occasionally, with 35% doing so regularly. One-third of drivers, however, intend on utilizing all-season tires this Winter; 41 percent believe that all-season tires are not usable”.

It is important to understand which tires people choose in winters and their reason for, telling Uzair, owner of Instamek Mobile Auto Repair, Kelowna.

“This poll demonstrates that many people are unaware of the different tires’ strengths and how to select safe tire choices for the winter driving conditions they encounter.”

According to a recent poll, more than 60% of Canadian drivers were unaware of the distinction between all-season and all-weather tires. “People said they’re not using winter tires because they don’t want or need to replace their first set of tires,” reports Uzair. “We want to teach those drivers about how their all-weather tire may be a safer and more appropriate choice.”

All-season tires are made to endure warm, dry, and mild wet weather with temperatures above +7C.

Snow, ice, and slush, all necessitate snow tires. Once the temperature drops below +7C, winter tires are required for traction and snow, ice, and slush. All-season tires are designed to be driven all year, even in the summer, and include a mountain snowflake logo insignia that indicates they’re Winter designated. They can also be driven without wearing prematurely in the summer—eliminating tire changeovers or storage—making them more convenient.

Key regional and national survey highlights include:

  • More than 50% of Canadian drivers say they will use winter tires this Winter, with Alberta being the second-highest user at 55%.
  • With its high amounts of snow and heavy ice cover on roadways, the existing climate severely limits mobility for drivers in Canada. Around 90% of Canadian drivers occasionally face significant Winter driving difficulties; that percentage is 94% in Alberta.
  • Only 32% of drivers in Canada are aware that the mountain snowflake sign is a warning that a tire is suitable for all-season usage. In Alberta, 34% of drivers understand the meaning.
  • Only 42% of drivers in Alberta believe there is a distinction between all-season and all-weather tires.

The average temperature in all main cities in Canada, including Calgary and Edmonton, is less than +7°C throughout November. From October through April, the average temperature in Alberta is less than +7°C.

“Once it dips below the +7C mark, the rubber in an all-season tire hardens loses traction, and the tread blocks can clog with snow and slush, making it a hazardous option even in mild winter situations.

Canadians may expect more wild weather in the future due to climate change. Canada has such a wide range of weather, and many even-temperature regions have seen dramatic swings in recent years. People want to know they’ll have consistent traction when it counts, so if your region doesn’t experience the harsh winter weather that necessitates a dedicated winter tire, the all-weather is the alternate safe option for Winter.

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