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December 01 01:06 2021
According to multiple sources, 90% of internet business startups fail within the first four months

Ackrite International provides essential consulting services for online businesses that focus on creating a presence for themselves on Amazon. With about 9 out of 10 ideas failing before they get the chance to explore their full potential, a profound experience gap exists between the early entrepreneur and the experienced business owner that gets past the 120-day threshold.

By providing in-depth knowledge and experience about the online marketplace, Ackrite International provides critical assistance in areas that are traditional obstacles for new businesses. Depending on the need, the services include options for complete account management, keyword research, listing optimization, product images, and pay per click advertising (PPC).

Customized plans are available through Ackrite International for small businesses that have unique needs falling outside the package-based structures’ scope, and anyone interested can take advantage of the free listing audit or free consultation call to see if it’s a good fit. Contact information for the company is available at

Another challenge that new businesses face when listing products for sale on Amazon involves shipping and handling logistics. It takes time to prepare products for storage in an FBA warehouse or package them for self-fulfillment. Ackrite International offers a strategic partnership with today’s best 3PL’s to aid in these areas.

Options are available in the United States, Europe, Australia, and China. When small businesses take the right actions in this area, it’s much easier to drip-feed inventory and fulfill orders according to Amazon’s strict standards.

When those steps are taken by small businesses, they can become more competitive. Even then, they’re at a disadvantage to the more prominent brands on Amazon because they lack the ability to source products directly. Working with agencies between the factory and the business can cause profit margins to shrink, making it nearly impossible to be cost-competitive online.

Ackrite International offers access to their local China-based team of sourcing experts to deal with factories directly. This service ensures that companies of any size can find the highest quality products while getting the best price possible.

By delivering access to factories in China where English speaking capabilities are non-existent, and internet contacts are impossible, small businesses take another step toward being competitive with more prominent brands. To ensure the quality of each order, Ackrite International’s sourcing team offer product quality inspections, secure payment assistance, custom packaging, and freight shipping logistics.

Securing the products for sale on Amazon only takes care of the first part of the business experience. Once the logistics are handled, new companies must present a compelling sales pitch that proves their goods are better than the similar listings offered on the platform. Without coherent content that speaks of a product’s value proposition, failure is still more likely to occur than success.

Ackrite International helps small businesses make the right choices in this area by creating original, conversational, and convincing content that can lead to more clicks and conversions. Today’s consumers pay attention to every touch-point, ranging from a company’s logo design to the images included in the storefront. It only takes one error to persuade a customer to seek an alternative product, so content creation services are an essential component of sales success.

Customers working with Ackrite International for content creation receive a sizeable allowance for requesting creatives. The included categories cover images, copywriting, animations, GIF’s, or videos, with each piece of content reflecting the voice and tone of the business for consistency.

Ackrite International provides a separate set of services for customers who aren’t focused on Amazon to create a foundation for success. For many small businesses, the first step involves website development. Through custom, mobile-friendly static and responsive designs, SEO, Facebook Pixels, Google Tag Managers, CRM integration, and various app and plugin installs for Shopify to WordPress, the tools are all provided to make correct decisions at an appropriate time.

Social media has become another essential component of the online sales dynamic for all small businesses. Ackrite International helps founders, owners, and entrepreneurs establish their presence on a preferred platform to leverage retargeting, increase traffic, and deliver high-value content.

More information about Ackrite International is available on the company’s website at

About Ackrite International

Ackrite International was created by everyday people who understand the challenges of small business ownership and entrepreneurship. It is a group of passionate individuals who understand the challenges of creating and growing an online business so that it won’t become another statistic. By focusing on taking the right actions and making the correct decisions at appropriate times, the mission is to help find as much success as possible.

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