Best Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas: Being Able to Constantly Sell Over The Asking Price Is Not Just About Experience

December 01 09:00 2021

The residential real estate industry works on offers and compromise on sales. Often, sellers will select a price they want and market the home above that price. The goal is to fall back onto the asking price.

For Joe Cervantes, a real estate selling agent working in Las Vegas, NV, he has found many times homes are moving above the asking price. What was at one time an exception, however, is now the norm for many of the better homes in the Las Vegas area.

“There are a good many people coming into Nevada from more expensive states like California. Their dollars are stretching much further here than in California, and they are leveraging this fact to their advantage when it comes to finding homes,” said Cervantes, speaking as a real estate selling agent in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The new arrival to the state is one thing, but to close the deal takes more than a few extra dollars. Cervantes has keen insight and understanding of Las Vegas, its market and surrounding areas. He knows what locations are ideal based on the desires of the buyer.

“We have great locations for families looking for schools, professionals seeking access to various services and retirees wanting somewhere quiet. If you are looking for something in Las Vegas, chances are we have what you are looking for or will soon,” said Cervantes.

The closing costs associated with a home have fluctuated, but the housing market in Las Vegas continues to move up and up. Cervantes’ website,, features new properties regularly. Visit often as these change.

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