Italian Automotive Company is Offering Used Car Owners the Opportunity to Sell Their Cars for Quick Valuation and Cash

January 10 12:40 2022
At Style Motor, persons looking to sell their cars can enjoy a free, no-obligation valuation and turn their cars into cash instantly

Selling used cars in Italy can be a time-consuming process. Car owners have to create adverts, wait for buyers, and contact each of them. Also, when selling a car on online marketplaces, car owners face the ordeal of losing out on money due to service charges. To remove the hassle off selling used cars in Italy, Style Motor has positioned itself as a leader in the automotive industry, offering car owners a platform to sell their cars at the correct value and get paid instantly.

Style Motor’s service is free, simple, and accessible to everyone. The company offers the free listing of used cars with a guarantee of getting them sold within one hour after being listed. With Style Motor, car owners in Italy can sell used cars fast. The buying service is divided into three distinct phases: online evaluation, technical appraisal by experts from Style Motor, and payment and transfer of ownership. The speed of the service is unrivaled and one of the quickest online platforms to sell used cars.

“Style Motor is a historical reality in the ‘Compro Auto’ and we were the first in Italy to transform a car into cash,” stated Giovanni Lifavi. “This is why contacting our used car buying service is the fastest, most practical and safe way to sell a used car. Only we guarantee that your used car will be sold in less than an hour. Try now our free online evaluation service and in less than 30 seconds, you can fill out the request and get your car sold.”

To sell a used car on Style Motor, car owners are expected to follow a three-step process which involves:

  1. Filling an evaluation form where they are expected to enter details of the car such as year, make, model, etc.
  2. Receive a valuation from Style Motor consultants with a purchase offer which is valid for seven days
  3. Get paid through direct cash payment or bank transfers

Style Motor helps car owners sell new and used cars across Italy from Lombardy to Lazio to Piedmont to Emilia Romagna to Liguria to Abruzzo to Basilicata to Calabria to Campania to Friuli Venezia Giulia to Marche to Molise to Puglia to Sardinia to Sicily to Tuscany to Umbria to Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

For more information, please visit or call the number +390721806512.

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