New Book by Mary D. Welch Shows Homeowners in the United States How to Avoid Probate and Save their Homes

January 17 21:04 2022
New Book by Mary D. Welch Shows Homeowners in the United States How to Avoid Probate and Save their Homes
Save Your Home from Probate by Mary D. Welch identifies the problems of the probate process even when a homeowner has a will and provides an escape route from having a probate court review wills

Front Page Publishing, LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of Mary D. Welch’s new book, Save YOUR Home from Probate, which is crafted for homeowners in the United States, showing them how to avoid probate on their will and save their families from unnecessary court processes. The book introduces readers to forms that can save their home from probate.

Probate is the legal process for distributing one’s property when one dies. During this process, a probate court validates the Will, authorizes the attorney or estate executor to distribute the property to beneficiaries, and pays any taxes on the property being owed. While it is a straightforward process, probate is slow as it can take years for the court to finalize its decision. Of course, the process is costly, and the more it gets delayed, the more cost incurred.

“Families are torn apart because many people die without a ‘will’ and even though the homeowner had a ‘will,’ the judge decides what happens to the property,” explained Mary D. Welch. “Your home is a gift, even more than that; it is a legacy to your family. Why take a chance that the system will get “eaten up”? In the book, Save YOUR Home from Probate, you’ll learn ways to save your home from the courts for $50 or less.”

Save YOUR Home from Probate by Mary D. Welch provides a comprehensive listing of all of the current states that are eligible to utilize the forms, saving them from the probate process’s rudiment and cost. The form is available in most states in the US, and the book highlights these states, including examples of the required form, eligibility to use the form, where to go for assistance with the form, and where to file the form.

The book is loaded with information to save homeowners and their heirs from probate. By adopting the ideas shared in Save YOUR Home from Probate, homeowners will be able to instruct courts and attorneys to distribute their properties immediately after their death. To get the book, please visit

About Mary D. Welch 

Mary D. Welch was born in Mississippi and grew up in San Diego, California. At the age of 19, Mary moved to Riverside, California where she currently resides with her husband, Oliver. She is a mother of five and grandmother of five. Mary holds a B.A. in Sociology and Black Studies, Teaching Credential and M.A. in Education.

After teaching for over thirty years, she retired and now, writes, speaks, publishes and coaches other aspiring writers.

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