The Excellent Life for An Expatriate Living in Hangzhou

January 27 09:33 2022

Living in Hangzhou offers the perfect opportunity for expats to experience the exciting combination of beautiful scenery and profound culture.

As the capital of Zhejiang Province in East China, Hangzhou is one of the more modern and prosperous cities in China, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Shanghai. It sits at the southern end of the Grand Canal of China and is one of China’s famous seven ancient national capitals. It recently host ed the G20, is known throughout China as a technology hub and is home to the e-commerce giant Alibaba.

There is a popular saying: “Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou”. Hangzhou’s “heavenly” beauty attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to its exquisite West Lake (Xi Hu) area each year to enjoy the placid lake, beautiful gardens, lavish temples and lakeside teahouses.

The Excellent Life for An Expatriate Living in Hangzhou

Xiaoshan, a district at the Southeast of Hangzhou where Wellington College Hangzhou is based, was initially developed as a science and technology centre. It has its own Xiaoshan International Airport and is well connected to the downtown area.

The Excellent Life for An Expatriate Living in Hangzhou

What is the life like as a foreigner living in Hangzhou?

The quality of life for an expatriate living in Hangzhou is excellent. Hangzhou is classed as a tier 2 city, population approximately 9 million people and is viewed as one of the most beautiful cities in China. Hangzhou is also a very clean and modern city and is home to e-commerce giant Alibaba and western companies such as Tesla. The majority of vehicles are electric/ hybrid cars and e-bikes. Bicycles are readily available to rent. Much of the city is green with parklands, lakes and general decoration of the streets. Large shopping malls are plentiful housing stores such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, H&M, Zara, Jack Jones, Superdry, Prada, Decathlon etc.

Is it expensive to live in Hangzhou?

Yes and no, you can live an expensive life dining at the finest restaurants or eat at cheap places with the locals. Utilities are very cheap with an average water bill approximately £20 for 6 months usage. Locally sourced items are much cheaper than imported western items of the same kind e.g. local milk is cheaper than imported milk. Transportation (taxis, Metro, trains etc.) is very cheap in comparison to major western cities.

Whats the weather like in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is roughly on the same latitude as Cairo – Egypt, so expect a hot, humid and fairly long summer. Our sports days are held in November when the temperature is a lovely 20-25 degrees. Winter can get cold but will only last a couple of months. Spring can be rainy.

What is the nightlife like in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is a thriving city that comes alive at night. Whether that be the river-front light and fountain shows or the buzz downtown from the restaurants, bars and night clubs. You will find an amazing array of traditional Chinese cuisine, small shops to high end restaurants, expat bars such as Wades and 9 Bar, to local night clubs, and all referencing the unique culture of Hangzhou and Zhejiang Provence.

What is the nightlife like in Hangzhou? Regular haunts such as Wades, 9 Bar, Shares, Social10 and Jazz Bar are known hotspots for expats in the city. Amazing lightshows projected onto buildings on the river front are a regular occurrence. There are numerous cinemas showing the latest film releases in English and theatres housing touring productions including Evita and Stomp. Cirque Du Soleil has a permanent show based in Hangzhou. Restaurants and bars regularly offer happy hour 2-4-1 deals, and this is without even mentioning KTV (karaoke bars) that are hugely popular with the locals.

Is there much for families to do when living in Hangzhou?

The large shopping malls (and there are lots of them) all cater for family activities. Often a whole floor will be dedicated to children, that could include: shops, play areas, soft play, trampoline parks, ice rinks or open workshops. Added to this there are temples, lakes and parks, bamboo forests, Little Venice, Fake Paris, safari parks, amusement parks and water parks. Your child will never get bored!

Hangzhou is a city that provides an enviable standard of living, and as a base for living and exploring China and wider Asian destinations. Welcome you to live in Hangzhou in the future.

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