Kirsty Englander Continues To Push The Limit of Negotiating

May 02 21:36 2022
The team at Englander Principal take things the next level with their negotiations

Sunshine Coast, QLD – Any savvy business owner knows that your cash flow is a huge asset to your business growth.

Englander Principal is a global company that helps broker retail office leases for business owners. They specialise in negotiating for rent-free periods and other rent reductions, allowing businesses to free up their cash flow.

The real estate sector continues to be astounded by the massive strides that Englander Principal is making in paving the way for more negotiations when it comes to companies signing a lease for a commercial office space.

Founder and Head of Growth at Englander Principal, Kirsty Englander, is a big believer in pushing for what you want. If you don’t try and get yourself a better deal, then you will always be settling for less.

“When you have the right skill set and information at your disposal, negotiating is almost easy.”

“You might annoy a few people along the way, but when you end up saving thousands of dollars, it’s a small price to pay.”

Englander Principal is passionate about helping businesses save money on their office spaces, as it allows those companies more space to continue growing and developing their ideas.

An office space can open up a whole new world of possibilities to so many different people, so if Kirsty can help someone get to that next step, she’s more than happy to help.

Englander Principal strongly believes in helping businesses succeed because they think everyone deserves a chance at showcasing their true talent and potential.

They offer their services on a No Win, No Fee basis, and have already helped countless companies save on their commercial rent.

About Englander Principal:

Englander Principal is based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD but offers their services worldwide. Since being founded, they’ve successfully brokered many retail office deals, and saved business owners thousands of dollars worth of rent. They currently work on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning they don’t get paid unless they secure a good deal for their clients.



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