Missing Tooth NFT is First Ever Generative Collection Benefiting Dental Nonprofits & Greater Community Now Minting

May 05 21:53 2022
Bringing awareness & relief to those who struggle with dental issues, Missing Tooth NFT aims to shine light on struggles not often addressed in the dental health world

Missing Tooth NFT is an exclusive 500-piece generative collection focused on bringing attention to the overall health issues, social stigmas and mental health issues individuals with missing teeth or dental issues face. This project is inspired by the founder’s own experience in breaking a tooth while on the way to work, eating a cereal bar. Requiring expensive dental work and facing the reality of how expensive it would be to fix such an issue, the Missing Tooth NFT project was born. The Missing Tooth NFT collection is dedicated to healthy smiles, accessible dental care, and serving those that need dental services most.

Composed of colorful, unique and charming original artwork featuring tooth-inspired imagery and playful visuals, the Missing Tooth NFT collection represents a growing and vibrant community of individuals that enjoy giving back. In fact, this collection includes over 11k in giveaways while 10% of profits go towards dental nonprofits.

The Missing Tooth NFT blind mint includes 50 rare teeth and 5 ultra-rare teeth. The 50 teeth split a pot of 5,000 USD in rewards. The 5 ultra-rare teeth are entered into a lottery 1st place winning 2500 USD, 2nd place 1,000 USD and 3rd-5th place getting 500 USD each. Follow along on Twitter @MissingToothNFT for all the latest updates and announcements.

Established as a forward thinking, Ethereum-based blockchain project built on community, Missing Tooth NFT stands out as a truly original and utility-based collection, inspired by real world issues with a real world impact. Dental issues most often extend beyond the visual, affecting self-esteem, confidence and impacting lives in unforeseen ways. In supporting this NFT project, holders are making a difference while also gaining access to an exclusive and fun NFT collection, packed with perks and an upcoming roadmap of exciting releases and giveaways.

To learn more about the Missing Tooth NFT collection, visit www.missingtoothnft.io or explore more at https://mint.missingtoothnft.io/ and on Twitter.

About Missing Tooth NFT

Missing Tooth NFT was created with the aim to give back to the community in the form of dental restoration services. Its 500-piece generative collection, Missing Tooth NFT, is focused on bringing attention to the overall health issues, social stigmas and mental health issues of those faced with missing teeth and dental challenges. 

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