Embody Divine Feminine Power with Sonia G at MoonBabes and The Light Tribe

May 06 18:55 2022
Finding the Heaven Within through Sonia G’s courses and be part of the Tribe.

Every aspect in life is affected by energy. At MoonBabes and The Light Tribe, Sonia G is inspiring, motivating, empowering and helping along the journey to find every woman’s happiness.

Born out of the magic of love, stardust, and moonlit nights, MoonBabes is Sonia G’s divine purpose — wherein she has decided to live a life serving and bringing Light to everyone who seeks it or might need it. It is through her free courses and growing community that she is hoping to help women around the world find their Heaven Within and reconnect with their sacred souls to be able to navigate through the energy of everyday life.

In the quest to create the alchemy of Heaven and Earth within people, Sonia G offers various courses such as the Sacred Chakras Journey, Money Rehab, and Goddess on Mission to name a few. She also has a free three part video training series called “The Energy Hack: How to Protect your Energy and Feel Great Every Day!”. And for all babes on the high vibing ascension journey that want the high level support, there is also Private 1 on 1 Coaching where Sonia G facilitates individually for next level results in personal, business and spiritual living – where spiritually and practicality go together.

Step into one’s power, the time is now. More information about MoonBabes and The Light Tribe can be found at http://www.moonbabetribe.com/.

About MoonBabes and The Light Tribe

MoonBabes and The Light Tribe was born out of the magic of love, stardust, and moonlit nights talking to the moon and the stars, contemplating divine guidance and wisdom. It was founded by Sonia G in 2017.

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