Take Control of Finances with the Help of Lauren A. Gidley’s Latest Book

May 07 02:52 2022

The Author Shares the Secret to Achieving Financial Independence so Work Becomes Optional

Hard times tend to hit when they are least expected. This is why Beyond Success with Lauren A. Gidley (now available on Amazon) is a must-read for all those who wish to lower the amount of tax they are paying, earn dependable, ongoing income, and create a realistic plan to make work optional. By revealing to her readers the errors made during her journey, Gidley provides valuable insights and time-tested knowledge of immeasurable worth so that readers do not go through the severe challenges that she did.

Lauren A. Gidley is a nationally recognized financial educator, best-selling author, and wealth manager. For over thirty years, Gidley has helped her clients reduce their tax and interest payments and redirect those savings to help them gain financial freedom. She designs customized strategies to help people secure a secondary source of income so they can achieve financial independence. She has appeared on television numerous times and has been featured in publications such as Forbes magazine, Business First of Buffalo, and Buffalo Spree. She is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary who graduated Summa Cum Laude, with the highest honors, with two Bachelor of Science degrees from Texas A&M University.

Gidley urges her readers to take control of their finances and highlights the importance of securing their own financial future: “Whether you are an employee or self-employed, can you afford NOT to take control of your financial future? Can you risk leaving control of your investments up to the Wall Street pundits and their conventional recommendations of stocks and bonds, or even the real estate market? Can you risk leaving control of your income to your employer or to whatever happens in the economy?”

Having gone through tumultuous financial struggles herself, Gidley wanted to help others avoid the devastation she experienced. Gidley finally decided that she needed a change of plans when having only one source of income left her family and her financially vulnerable. This motivated her to share her knowledge with the world.

“I swore I’d never again be dependent upon just a job to provide for myself and my family. I realized that I needed additional income sources that were reliable, even if I didn’t have job security,” says Gidley.

Filled with useful information that will help readers take control of their financial future (reducing income tax, understanding the problems with conventional investments, and securing dependable income, to name a few), Beyond Success with Lauren A. Gidley will challenge the reader’s understanding what it truly takes to make work optional by sharing truths rarely conveyed by most financial advisors.

Retired Surgeon Mohamed S. Razack, MD, talks about how Gidley is well-versed and extremely knowledgeable in her field: “My wife and I were introduced to Lauren Gidley as a financial advisor in 2005, but over the years, she has become a trusted family friend, serving all our financial needs. We find Lauren has a sound knowledge in diversifying investments. Our trust in Lauren strengthened in 2008 when most of our friends lost quite a bit of their retirement portfolios, but ours was all intact, and we are reaping the benefits today. Current up-to-date investment knowledge and honesty are very important to us, and we find these qualities in Lauren and have recommended her to our children who also take her advice for their financial portfolios.”

William and Nancy Furey explain how Gidley protected their finances during tough times: “Lauren has been our trusted financial advisor and special friend for over twenty years. With her vast knowledge of the market, she helped protect us from market crashes three times. Her Christian ethics are apparent in how she manages her business and treats her family and friends. It is a comforting feeling knowing that she takes such good care of us.”

Beyond Success with Lauren A. Gidley is now for sale on Amazon.

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