Florida business broker, Chandler Robbins, opens up Robbins Fuel Advisors, a referral program for people to make passive income.

May 09 20:57 2022
Robbins Fuel Advisors introduces an easy, quick, and ethical method for people to make passive income by referring gas station and convenience store businesses looking to sell. The referral program guarantees payouts of up to 20%.

Owner of Robbins Fuel Advisors, Chandler Robbins, has opened up the referral program to the public, promising massive payouts for just referring the company to gas stations and convenience stores that are looking to sell. Chandler Robbins is a renowned business broker in Florida and has set up Robbins Fuel Advisors as a brokerage firm that benefits both store owners and those who refer them.

“We specialize in helping gas station owners and holding companies sell their assets to larger companies and exit the industry. Oftentimes this happens when the gas station owner is ready to retire, move on, or unfortunately passes away.”

Robbins explains his belief in leveraging networks to succeed. He believes that these networks help build the right connections and put people on the path to success. This referral program is an excellent way to make passive income, especially since no additional work is required after making the referral. “If you know a gas station or convenience store owner that is ready to sell their business, and wants to get top value when they sell, while also rewarding yourself with a handsome payout, Robbins Fuel Advisors is the place to be.”

After receiving referrals from the public, Robbins Fuel Advisors connects the business owners with investors who want to purchase these businesses. Robbins Fuel Advisors is already gearing up for 2022, looking to close at least five new gas station deals. 

The icing on the cake for interested parties is that the referrals need only mention the store owner’s name or the store name. Robbins Fuel Advisors will take it from there and still reward the efforts of the person referring the business. “We also guarantee your referral is secured and backed by our contract with instant payouts upon the sale.”

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