Garbo Stands in the Top 10 Best Flatware Factories of 2022 with the Export Quota Exceeding USD 100 Million

May 12 21:19 2022

The company has a higher production and export capacity for flatware supplies.

Garbo flatware is the best industrial and trading flatware factory and is considered one of the top 10 factories of cutlery sets. Established in 1990, the company has an advanced stainless steel tableware production line. The share-holding company specializes in research and development, marketing and production of flatware tools. With the company’s high-quality production and sale of ceramic handle flatware, OEM flatware, and other products, the demand for the company’s flatware products is growing. Thus, the company has a higher production and export capacity and is flourishing.

Since Garbo Flatware is operating at a larger scale, the company owns a factory covering an area of approximately 20000 square meters in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, the main gathering place of stainless-steel products in China. The company needs to have such a big area due to the higher production and export capacity. The factories have skilled workers who have experience in designing and manufacturing various stainless-steel tableware and kitchenware such as stainless-steel cutlery, stainless steel kitchenware, etc. Customers can purchase cutlery wholesale from the company, which exports high-quality products to maintain their brand image in other regions.

The CEO made some statements regarding the Garbo Flatware, “Our factory specialize in designing and manufacturing various stainless-steel tableware and kitchenware such as stainless-steel cutlery, stainless steel kitchenware, plastic handle tableware, stainless steel straw, stainless steel chopsticks, etc. Garbo was founded in the 1990s and obtains an advanced stainless steel tableware production line, abundant technology research & development power. We attach great importance to product quality inspection, now our products have passed social responsibility management system.”

The company uses latest technology research and development power along with the technical product invention to produce an innovative and useful product with a touch of being trendy. Furthermore, the company has a stellar quality management system, as well as an experienced team in production and R&D that ensures quality and production capacity are managed. Inventing high-quality goods for customers is the ultimate goal of the company; therefore, the company holds a great importance to the product quality inspection. Thus, the products have passed BSCI, SEDEX, SA8000, as well as system of quality management likes ISO9001 and an environmental management system like ISO14001, etc.

The company has over 15000 warehouse capacity and promises faster deliveries. With more than 10 years of experience, Garbo Flatware displays its invented products at expositions and also has a separate showroom where different kinds of stainless-steel flatware samples are displayed to assure the customer of their quality. Currently, Garbo’s products are exported to multiple countries, including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Due to the excellent service and premium product quality, the company has a higher market reputation and good business relationship with several international top-tier brands such as United States (Cambridge), Netherlands (Amefa), Germany (Fissler), Spain (Comas).

The news of Garbo Flatware’s success and exclusive products are not only confined to top brands; company also exports to several renowned international supermarkets such as France (Casino), the United Kingdom (Tesco), the United States (Wal-Mart), France (Carrefour), etc. With the aim of maintaining Garbo Flatware’s name and eminence, Garbo Flatware optimizes production management standards and market development strategies.

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