Soul-Terra Is Thrilled To Announce The launch Of ‘Scorpio Candle’ Specially Designed To Put A Quirky Twist On Moods

May 14 00:45 2022

The Scorpio candle is crafted with a powerful blend of Selenite wax (used for its protective properties) and a natural essential oil blend scent (Lily + Sea Salt).

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign dates back to Ancient Egypt. The constellation of Scorpio, which lies between the constellations of Libra and Ophiuchus, is exceedingly old, having been known to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization approximately 3000 BC, and earning much attention in particular for its bright, sparkling star Antares.

In ancient Egypt, the scorpion goddess Serket (Selket, Serqet) was associated with the Scorpio, whose name translated as ‘She who makes the throat breathe’. It is often shown as a woman with a scorpion on her head, or as a scorpion with a woman’s head. Her scorpions had the potential to be vicious little killers, but they also had their uses. In accordance with legend, Serket dispatched seven of them to guard Isis against Seth, while others fought the demons attacking Ra.

Serket had a dual reputation as a destroyer and a healer, and he was revered for his ability to both help women give birth and treat those who had been bitten by scorpions by accident. As a guardian of the dead’s canopic jars, she was revered in ancient times as a guardian goddess.

In today’s world, the horoscope is associated with being brave, resourceful, passionate, intuitive, emotional, determined, and a true friend to the end.

These Scorpio Crystals highlight the most positive qualities of the Scorpio astrological sign, and make a perfect gift for one! 

Inside, discover crystals for the Scorpio zodiac to help keep them from over-reacting and enable them to see the bigger picture.

Buy one today for yourself or a friend whose horoscope is “Scorpio”.

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