Bartz Law Group Offers Zealous Advocacy in Employment Cases

May 19 23:57 2022

Bartz Law Group is a law firm founded by attorney Aaron Bartz. He is a fierce advocate who fights for employees’ rights, even when the deck is stacked against them. The attorney has fought and won numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts against some of the biggest companies in the world, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies. He handles both individual and class action employment cases. Also, he represents clients in consumer class actions involving the consumer legal remedies act, false advertising law, unfair competition, and more.

The company spokesperson said, “If one feels that they have been a victim of an illegal act by their employer, it is time that they find an employment lawyer to assist them in fighting for their legal rights. They might think that it is just a waste of time as they can never win against the big company they work for, but the top employment lawyers in California can help them. All they need to do is find the right one for fighting their cases.”

When one has been denied wages, wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or otherwise suffered an adverse job action, they may be entitled to compensation according to employee laws in California USA. The experienced employment attorney at Bartz Law Group handles all practice areas of California labor law, including wrongful termination, workplace harassment, employee privacy, and more. He always works hard to ensure their clients receive fair treatment. And with years of experience providing legal representation and advice, clients should expect nothing but exceptional legal service from him. In addition, with him, clients will receive the personal attention and plenty of support and encouragement from their attorneys throughout the legal process. He represents clients throughout the State of California, from Riverside to San Diego and Los Angeles to Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

The company spokesperson added, “To find the top employment lawyers in California, look online to see what others have to say and then visit the websites of all the attorneys recommended to get more details regarding their experience and services. But if one doesn’t have time to do research, they can visit us today. We can help them win against their employer.”

Furthermore, at Bartz Law Group, attorney Aaron Bartz is always dedicated to working with employees in any industry throughout California. In fact, he is experienced with both California and Federal employment laws and thus, understands what it takes to file a case and prosecute the case through arbitration, trial, or a hearing before a government agency. Typically, he is a highly focused attorney and client-centered, and this ensures that every legal matter brought forward to him receives the appropriate time and attention it deserves. So, call employment lawyers in Southern California USA, today at the law firm and let attorney Aaron Bartz hear the full story so that he can determine the best strategy for the case.

About Bartz Law Group

Bartz Law Group is a law firm that helps employees pursue their rights in court. They focus on long-term client relationships by providing simplicity and prioritizing the client’s goals rather than their own. Those looking for a whistleblower lawyer in California USA can contact the firm.

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