Land Sale To Help Youth At Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

May 19 20:08 2022

Circle, Montana – For Mel and Kay Johnson, giving back to their community was very important as a family. The couple was always strategic in where they placed their charitable donations after combining their assets as wheat farmers for nearly three-quarters of a century. Since 2000, Mel and Kay would often send philanthropic gifts to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation on behalf of friends and family members. As they grew a relationship with the Foundation, they became more involved with the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch and the impact the organization has on so many people. With a mission to connect caring people to help prepare the youth for life, Mel and Kay Johnson continued their gifts up until their last moments to help the organization succeed. This included the 1280 acres of farmland now up for auction on June 14th, hosted by Kinsey Auctioneers & Real Estate.  

Since 1956, the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch has been trusted locally and nationally as a leader in the field of mental health care for children and their families. Through their various programs and treatments over the years, they’ve impacted more than 10,000 youth. Their desire to encourage each youthful mind with hope, courage, and confidence has impacted so many lives, including Mel and Kay Johnson.   

In their time of retirement, Mel and Kay made a thoughtful decision to donate a portion of their McCone County farmland to Yellowstone. This carefully planned transfer was their way of establishing a lifelong generosity dedicated to the organization. As both Mel and Kay have completed their circle of life, the land is now up for sale by the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. Kinsey Auctioneers & Real Estate LLC will be holding the public auction for buyers who are interested in the 1280 acres Mel and Kay Johnson left as a gift for such an important mission. As a token of appreciation for all that the Johnsons did to support the organization, the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch has set up a scholarship fund in their honor. In addition to the scholarship, some of the money will go back to McCone County, the home of the former Johnson wheat farm.

For more information on the June 14th auction, contact Kinsey Auctioneers & Real Estate

Visit Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch to learn how you can get involved in the organization learn more on how to apply for the Johnson Scholarship Application

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