Jasmee Toor Talks about the Music Industry During the Pandemic

June 16 18:54 2022
Ten3radio is a Canadian radio station broadcasting and supporting Canadian hip-hop and R&B artists.

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the music industry in innumerable ways. Performers were deprived of their stages when the doors of arenas, concert venues, and pubs were closed; session musicians and recording artists could no longer rehearse or record in person. However, some artists refused to bow their heads and wait for the storm to pass.

Jasmee Toor is a Canadian entrepreneur and music artist, the CEO of Jasmee Cosmetics, and the proud recipient of the Gold Plaque for one of the tracks she released in the past.

Recently, Jasmee joined a team of like-minded individuals with the goal of founding a platform that would support Canadian hip-hop and R&B artists. And thus, ten3radio.com was born.

The founding of a radio station was a huge boon for Canadian artists, especially underground musicians that were struggling to break through a heavily saturated market even before the pandemic. Regarding the inspiration behind creating ten3radio.com, Jasmee imparted:

“The idea is to show artists support in the third year of the pandemic. They can feel discouraged and give up. That is why I try to reach out and encourage them,” said Jasmee.

The ten3radio.com station is live and already blasting hits from Aaron, Linsolent, Fastmoney RK, BiggyBoy, and numerous other Canadian musicians.

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Jasmee bears the torch of hope for thousands of artists around the globe, serving as an embodiment of devotion to music, and a doer that would not sit idly when the world went silent.

Toor’s musical expertise is backed by over 7,000,000 plays she had amassed across various streaming platforms and social media networks. With songs like Only One and I’m Tired, she had won over innumerable hip-hop and R&B enthusiasts. To celebrate the launch of ten3radio.com, Jasmee sent a strong message to her listeners:

“Life is short. Dreams do not work unless you do. Always stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learning and growing,” said Jasmee.

More information about Jasmee Toor and ten3radio.com is available on the radio station’s official website.

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