Tree Service Ontario Invests in a Dedicated Call Center and Customer Management Team

June 21 17:52 2022

Ontario, Canada – A company that has always boasted a unique customer experience, Tree Service Ontario has decided to make its services even better. The company has recently added a call center to its offices. What’s more, the company has also expanded its customer management team.

The company nowadays rarely receives customers via direct visits,” said the Tree Service Ontario CEO. “The company’s customers either call or use the online platform to request tree service procedures. For this reason, the company had to invest in a call center to ensure all calls are responded to on the first ring.”

The CEO noted that over the past week, his company has received more than 70 calls from customers.

The company thought that everything was going great until everyone decided to see what was happening with the calls,” said the CEO. “The most effective way to track these calls was to invest in a call tracking software. The software was not cheap. However, the insights it helped the company get were more than worth the cost.”

The CEO noted that while the company was receiving up to 5 calls in a day, most of these calls ended up in the voice mail. One of the reasons for this was that the customer management team was understaffed.

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The company tracked what happened when the customer service agents tried to call back,” said the CEO. “In most cases, the homeowners tended to have moved on to a new tree maintenance company. Others simply turned down the company arguing they did not think the company would offer the services they needed.”

The CEO noted that most of the missed calls were often in the hours when the customer management team would be out of the office.

Tree Service Ontario is a place where employees get breaks so that they can relax their minds and be more productive,” said the CEO. “The breaks, however, seem to have always forced the company to lose a lot of leads over time. For example, call tracking showed that often, the company gets at least 2 calls when the customer management team is out of the office having lunch.”

The CEO also noted that the weekends were one of the times when the company missed a large number of calls from customers.

Most homeowners in Ontario are working,” said the CEO. “This means that they are rarely home during the weekdays. For this reason, the homeowners often do landscape rounds during the weekends and call during the same weekends when they realize their trees have some issues that can be addressed by the company’s team of tree service professionals. This means that the company has been missing a large number of calls when the customer management team is out for the weekend.”

The CEO told a group of reporters that the goal of updating the company’s call center is to ensure that there are at least 2 people taking care of the client’s needs on a 24/7 basis. He noted that when one group is out for lunch, a second group will be in the office capturing the client’s needs. He added that when one group takes its weekend to enjoy some time away from work, another group will remain in the call center on Saturday and Sunday.

The new call center will also help the company do a better job when it comes to capturing emergency tree service requests,” said the Tree Service Ontario CEO. “It will help the company respond to all emergency tree service requests less than an hour after they are requested.”

Tree Service Ontario is still offering its services from its base of operation located at 1264 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2B 3C9, Canada. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 226-781-4141 and [email protected]

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