Award-winning digital game in Indian languages challenges vaccine misinformation

June 24 04:22 2022

‘Vaccine hesitancy’ is a barrier to vaccine uptake. Myths, misconceptions and misinformation are often the root causes. Fortunately, they can be addressed and corrected. 

Corona Bee Game is an evidence-based ‘serious’ game that challenges vaccine myths and misconceptions.

We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic” WHO Director-General.

For effective control of COVID-19 in India, messages about vaccination must be seen, understood, and acted upon. Information must be accessible. To support these public health objectives Corona Bee Game has been translated from English into 5 Indian languages (Hindi, Punjabi, Bangla, Telugu and Kannada) and it is free to play without any registration or downloading.

The games are available at

Corona Bee Game improves uptake by engaging, informing, and encouraging citizens on their mobile phones. It harnesses the power of ‘serious’ games and works on any device, takes minutes to play and does two very important jobs:

  • Challenges common myths, misconceptions and misinformation
  • Tells players how and where to get vaccinated

“Great game, easy to play and informative.”

As Covid-19 cases is rising again after an interval, vaccine hesitancy is emerging as a major challenge for achieving 100% vaccination in India.  Reports say that millions of people in different states of the country have skipped the 2nd dose of vaccine. Apart from that, the inoculation of precautionary dose by the eligible segment of population is very low as per the available data. Misinformation around vaccination is one of the major reasons. To counter the vaccine hesitancy among the population, a team of health communication researchers and mass communication faculties from different Universities in India have teamed up with Focus Games, a UK based game development studio with expertise in creating public health awareness games and healthcare games globally.

Prof Manju Rose Mathews, health communication researcher at Amrita University  and Head of Media Studies at Christ Nagar College Trivandrum coordinated the development of these games in Indian languages. “CoronaBee Game works as a health communication intervention through mobile devices and shall provide an easier way of educating the unvaccinated target population in their mother-tongue, effectively making them understand the importance of vaccination. The leader board in the game which is socially shareable would promote the game in social media platforms. These platforms are serving as channels of spreading myths and misinformation against vaccination” she said. “Christ Nagar College is starting a six-week long campaign using Corona Bee Game. This includes competitions and workshops by experts to spread awareness about the need to fully vaccinate.”

Dr Shruti Goel, health communication researcher and faculty at Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi developed the Hindi content for the game. She said, ”in an infodemic era where people are facing challenge of disinformation that was widely spread about COVID-19, in such a scenario CoronaBee Game would prove very useful as helps the communities in gaining knowledge to counter the misinformation about the Covid and vaccination. It is developed as a great tool which not only just entertains the users but also induced changes in behaviour.”

Dr Shilpa Kalyan , Associate Professor and HOD of Humanities and Social Sciences at Manipal Academy of Higher Education developed the Telugu and Kannada language content for the game. “The game of Corona Bee is a clever and fascinating approach of delivering vital information linked to vaccinations in an effective way. It does a good job at dispelling myths about vaccination while keeping players interested and entertained in the process. These kinds of creative approaches are extremely important to the field of health communication because of their position as change agents. The entire game has been designed, which included conducting extensive research and using scientific methodologies from some of the most knowledgeable academics. The game may be played by anyone, of any age, using either mobile devices or computer systems, and it is interactive throughout. This project has the potential to create a new standard for the communication of public health. “ Dr Shilpa Kalyan said

“Focus Games is pleased to support this important project to achieve 100% vaccination in India. Vaccine hesitancy is a significant health issue. Serious games can be a useful public health intervention, especially for hard to reach groups. Games are fun, informative, non-threatening and effective. Our games are used around the world to address public health issues. Supporting ”Melvin Bell Director and co-founder Focus Games.

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About Focus Games: 

Focus Games is a global leader in game-based learning in healthcare. Since 2004 they have developed over 100 games that make teaching in healthcare and public health campaigns more effective and enjoyable. These games deal with a wide range of subjects. No external support or training is required; anyone can facilitate a game, including students.

Their games are content-rich, subject-specific, competency-focused and evidence-based. They are used by healthcare providers and universities across the world to make teaching and training more engaging and effective. The National Health Service (NHS UK) works closely with Focus Games to support training and education of the healthcare workforce.

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