The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism: Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide By Krishna KC

July 29 00:58 2022

The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism – Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide is an inspiring journey of one man’s lifetime commitment to education and literacy. Krishna KC started his life in a small rural village in Nepal. With the support of his family, Krishna pursued his education, which led to his work in development and humanitarian activities around the globe.

“This book is mainly a learning opportunity for those who are interested in how development and humanitarian activities are run. It is based on my personal experiences and impressions with the goal of shedding some light on this unique form of service for young professionals,” said Krishna. He shares the early years of his education and career, including how his family was impacted. Krishna also goes into detail about what he experienced in various job interviews and working with a wide variety of different organizations. 

Throughout The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarian, Krishna gives insight into these organizations and the impact they have in communities that are dealing with poverty. He also became an advocate for education in parts of the world that were torn apart by conflict. By sharing the successes and challenges he faced, Krishna hopes to encourage and inspire young people to pursue this fulfilling line of work. 

“If the information in this book inspires, motivates, or encourages any young professionals, I would feel my purpose in writing this book is fulfilled. Education is the key to building strong communities and improving the economics of a region. By sharing my legacy of improving literacy outcomes, I hope to encourage young people to work in these fields, but also to share with my grandchildren what my work involved and the impact it had on others,” said Krishna. 

The world is full of stories about individuals coming from humble backgrounds to achieve greatness and having a significant impact on the world. Krishna gives clues about how you can be successful, no matter where you come from. 

Krishna KC currently lives in Canada with his family. Please reach out to Krishna for speaking engagements and interviews, by phone at +1 306 516 0566 or email [email protected] or visit his website for the book at or Facebook ID: Krishna KC, Toronto or LinkedIn: Krishna KC

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