Estheday Medical Beauty is focused on delivering top-quality hair treatment technology and developments to ensure satisfying outcomes

August 02 15:15 2022
Estheday Medical Beauty is one of Turkey’s most well-known beauty clinics. They use cutting-edge methods to improve the hairline and treat hair in thinning areas.

Estheday Medical Beauty

California – Everyone is aware of how hair loss affects a person’s self-confidence, particularly in today’s world of social media. This gave doctors a chance to provide baldness treatment options. There are many choices available now for hair treatment. However, there is a catch. Many methods available today only provide a short-term solution, so one must continue to receive treatment. sessions in order to retain their hair. However, among the few methods that can genuinely provide long-lasting natural hair remedies are hair transplant surgery and mesotherapy. 

Estheday Medical Beauty is one of Turkey’s most well-known beauty clinics and a destination for cutting-edge hair treatments. The department of aesthetic and plastic surgery, at the center of Nişantaş’s aesthetics, transforms experience and knowledge into art in accordance with science. As they work in a patient-centered manner and want total patient satisfaction, they continue to monitor every patient seen by their qualified specialist surgeons. They use cutting-edge methods to improve the hairline and place hairs in thinning regions, which helps to produce results that look more natural. 

“Hair loss is a frequent issue that both men and women experience. There are several possible causes, some of which are temporary, while others may result in permanent hair loss if they cannot be cured”, explained the spokesman at Estheday Medical Beauty, “At Estheday Medical Beauty, we offer not just one, but many benefits of hair treatment options. We are focused on delivering top-quality technology and developments to ensure that we have satisfying outcomes. Because of these developments, the results aim to restore your former golden days of showing off your thick hair. That unquestionably enhances one’s attractiveness and builds self-confidence.” 

The most significant benefit is that Estheday Medical Beauty offers all-inclusive health tourism to Istanbul. It employs some of Turkey’s top surgeons. The clinic has been having success with hair transplants, plastic surgery, and obesity treatments by utilizing the most up-to-date technologies in its procedures. 

For the plastic surgery branch, Estheday Medical Beauty provides liposuction, breast lifts, breast augmentations, and breast reductions. In terms of hair transplants, they employ several methods, such as hair mesotherapy, PRP hair treatment, direct hair implantation (DHI), and follicular unit extraction, to maximize these therapies for their patients (FUE). The best medical professionals carefully assess each patient before determining which course of action is most appropriate. 

Each patient is different and should be informed before deciding to undergo any treatment at Estheday Medical Beauty. To ensure that they make the right decision, Estheday Medical Beauty’s team gives each patient suitable advice on the planned or anticipated procedure. Typically, a group of knowledgeable professionals would guide the patient through each stage leading up to and following their surgery, allowing them to get all of their questions answered.

About Estheday Medical Beauty 

At the center of aesthetics in Nişantaş, the skilled professionals in the Nişantaş Hospital’s aesthetic and plastic surgery department turn their expertise and talents into art following science. The hospital continues to monitor every patient treated by one of its skilled specialized surgeons as part of its patient-centered approach and pursuit of total patient satisfaction.

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