Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Sheds Light On Anti-Aging Especially Regarding Wrinkle Treatments

August 08 09:04 2022
Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Sheds Light On Anti-Aging Especially Regarding Wrinkle Treatments
SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is one of the top medical spas in Santa Barbara offering a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and aesthetic med spa services to its patients.
Proffering individuals with some fundamental facts about wrinkles, Dr. Robert W. Sheffield brings forth the common causes of wrinkles and effective treatment options mostly adopted by experienced practitioners.

Santa Barbara, CA – Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Tenders an Inclusive Overview of Common Causes of Wrinkles.  Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, a renowned plastic surgeon from the Santa Barbara region, experienced in a wide range of invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, states that people suffering from the onset of wrinkles is a common problem. Thus, he believes that everyone should have a general comprehension of the common causes of wrinkles and available treatment options.

As treatment plans to reduce wrinkles, Dr. Sheffield has mentioned 4 treatment options while keeping prevention and treatment of sun damage in the plan. The list includes Laser Skin Resurfacing, Botox injection therapy, dermal fillers Santa Barbara, and Facelift.

The practitioner says, “The Laser Skin Resurfacing encourages collagen production by removing skins layer-by-layer. Similarly, Botox Santa Barbara is used for wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, while fillers are for uplifting and give a rejuvenated look to depressed skin. In unison, Facelift can also come into treatment plans to remove face and neck’s excess far and skin.”

Dr. Sheffield on Most Common Causes of Wrinkle Problems

The renowned cosmetic procedure expert from SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, Dr. Sheffield, has mentioned aging as the prime reason for wrinkles. He stated that, with aging, cell division gradually worsens, and the dermis, the inner skin layer, starts thinning down. As a result, the collagen fibers and elastin get loose and unraveled. Besides, more skin fragility, lesser efficiency of oil-secreting glands, and skin’s compromised ability to retain moisture make skin wrinkled.

Dr. Sheffield also assets that, Often, smokers also have to deal with wrinkle problems since nicotine is proven to reduce collagen production and blood supply, thus, facilitating the arrival of wrinkles. Besides, people should protect themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays too. UV rays damage elasticin and collagen fibers, forcing the skin to lose natural strength and flexibility.   

SB Aesthetics Offers Effective Wrinkle Treatments

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa has fetched rave reviews for its Botox brow-lift and Botox treatments among others. Santa Barbra Botox is put to use for reducing wrinkles and other aging problems. Injecting it would smoothen the muscles and even prevent any future occurrences of furrows. This is a great way to stay younger for a long while. Besides that, the injections have even become a remedy for migraines too.

SB Aesthetics is medical spa Santa Barbara and has the highly advanced tech tools to diagnose and then administer Botox injections at the right time. The medical spa’s highly proficient team knows how to take the patient through the process and even make the entire process stress-free.

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