No.1 Asian Dating App Tantan is Recommended by 100+ Asian Creators

August 08 15:36 2022

Recently, Asian creators on TikTok are promoting Tantan, a dating and social app. Unlike other popular alternatives in North America, Tantan, with Asian culture deeply embedded, develops dating and matching features exclusive to Asians, such as astrology and tarot compatibility, in the mood for, etc. It tailors to Asians’ taste in dating scenarios and interests and creates a romantic dating vibe for Asians. Not only does this app specific for Asian dating allow Asian users’ cultural identity to be recognized, but also helps users from different Asian countries respect each other’s culture, break stereotypes, and enjoy the dating experience.

Dating Differences Between Asians and Americans

Contrary to westerners, Asians expect for a stable relationship with an excellent partner. They take appearance, wealth, and family into consideration, and tend to spend more time knowing their date’s personalities and values for a preliminary understanding and impression. Instead, Americans enjoy more free dating, focusing on the process that will lead to the result. Therefore, for greater security and a sense of belonging, Asians in Europe and America prefer partners and friends from similar backgrounds with less cultural difference.

Romantic Intimacy Starts with Same-race Dating

Tantan has attracted many overseas Chinese users since its launch in 2014, and represents one of the most popular dating apps for strangers in China. By uploading a single photo, a user can harvest 300,000 likes instantly, a number equivalent to the population of a small town in Europe. As of December 2020, Tantan had more than 400 million registered users across the world, seeing more than 20 billion matches take place with over 110 billion chat messages on the platform. 80% of Tantan users were born after 1990 and are undoubtedly the main population using the app. Now in 2022, Tantan has grown from a social app with mainly Chinese users to the largest Asian singles community. Tantan is committed to creating a magnificent inclusive dating community, eliminating cultural differences resulting from different national backgrounds, and giving users chances to chat with desirable users easily. 

On TikTok, videos about Asians dating on Tantan have already been viewed more than 50 million times. With the strong recommendation of head Asian influencer nickandcarrie, drama vlogger fash, Asian singer and actress lyanna_kea, ACGN stylist mowgli.j and other creators, users have been sharing their romantic stories on the app spontaneously. As more and more people in North America begin to pay attention to and appreciate Asian culture, Asian dating may become a new trend.

Dating Experience is Guaranteed with Above 60% Active Users Having Completed Face Authentication

With user experience as the top priority, Tantan’s objective is for users to enjoy happiness and love. On Tantan, you can match a dating partner with similar interests and habits. For example, you may both like morning jogging or hate spicy foods. If you just want a quick date, Tantan’s love buzz function will grant you a fated encounter with someone at the same place as you. More than 60% of active users have completed face authentication, which prevents users from harassing messages from strangers. In the event an unpleasant conversation occurs, it can be blocked or reported. Identity verification also ensures that users do not overly embellish themselves and create fake content for catfishing, so users can feel at ease in meeting interesting people. New social features are introduced monthly to provide the Asian community with a personalized matching approach, enhancing their love experience in North America and enabling self-directed dating.

TanTan, the No.1 Asian dating app, is waiting for you!

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