Attorney Tom: Camp Lejeune Lawyer Helping Communities In Toxic Water Lawsuit

November 16 14:33 2022
Attorney Tom has been helping all those who happened to be stationed on Camp Lejeune who have reached out to them for legal aid so that the aggrieved parties get the benefits and compensation they deserve by providing a no-risk consultation.

The region is impacted by water effluents causing irreversible damage to the ecosystem as plants and animals are dependent on this water without any other source, the consumption causing major health issues. Water toxicity can endanger marine life and several reports of dead fish floating and water color changing.

The repercussions of the leak will pass onto human life, who sustain themselves from these water sources. Innumerable skin ailments, diarrhea, and other health-related issues, such as cancer, have cropped up. These kinds of situations require a particular Camp Lejeune Lawyer to take up the suit and resolve the issue taking place at the treatment plants at Camp Lejeune.

Those service members at the camp and their families have battled several health issues over the years. The TCE and PEC seem to have deteriorated the water with a mixture of several toxic compounds in the treatment facilities for over three decades. The contaminated water usage has worsened their lives, and they need to be compensated for that. They would need a Camp Lejeune attorney. Only when there is public outcry will there be some sort of ban by the local authorities, yet no stringent action is taken against those who continue contaminating the water with hazardous chemicals.

The hired Camp Lejeune Water Lawyer will do all the research and ensure complete documentation. He and his team will work on putting up a strong case against the big companies behind this so that the clients get justice and are liable for compensation. Water supplies collected from the contaminated river are tested in labs showcasing utter disrespect for the environment as the soil from the source has high acidic and metal content. This water source ultimately reaches our oceans, which is a global concern.

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The Camp Lejeune water attorney at the firm has decades of experience handling such cases while providing free consultation and only charging when they win the case for the client. They look into reports from the research that state the obvious such as water pollution, poisoning, and loss of aquatic flora and fauna due to increased water toxicity levels leading to various water-borne diseases. Continual violation of norms can hamper human activities such as fishing and navigation. It also disrupts the water supply in the region as people struggle for potable water. 

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