Good Sleep is Essential for Children to Thrive

November 16 11:28 2022

All individuals need restorative sleep, as it soothes the mind and also mends the body. Cells are rejuvenated during sleep. Children generally need more sleep than adults, but many can experience problems due to malalignment of the teeth and jaw. Nine out of ten children however suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and do not get the type of sleep that rejuvenates.  

Sleep Apnea, where a child stops breathing during sleep is a serious problem, as it is any type of obstruction of the airway while sleeping. Jaw and tooth malalignment contribute to many of the causes. Children can toss and turn, have nightmares, and suffer exhaustion all day each day.

HealthyStart, available through Desert Kids Dental, is a progressive process that will assist in aligning a child’s mouth and jaw via appliances specifically designed for each patient. Alleviation of all types of obstructions can be addressed, and the processes and appliances are not at all painful.

The name, Desert Kids Dental, shows without a doubt that this is a child-oriented dental practice. This practice has been serving the Las Vegas community for years with the finest in childhood dentistry.

The problems with obstructed breathing became apparent and have led to the offering of the HealthyStart System to solve these childhood sleep problems. Parents in the area of Las Vegas, Nevada can be aware that their child is snoring or having nightmares, but not know the cause.

Sleep Disorder Breathing is many times the cause, and prescription drugs or over-the-counter remedies will not solve this problem. Only proper alignment of the teeth and jaws will solve this problem.

Dr. Sandra Thompson is the chief pediatric dentist and has made Desert Kids Dental kid-friendly, yet parent-approved with a focus on the best dental care in the Vegas area of Nevada. Children were meant to be full of energy, free from nighttime troubles, and live their childhood without problems caused by obstructed airways.

There is an active chat line right on the website for any quick questions, as well as a form, email, and phone number to set up appointments. The initial consultation can take place virtually and thus does not add to the stress of a parent’s already hectic day.

Desert Kids Dental is also a proud sponsor of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada and therefore gives back as much to the community as possible. Every child’s breathing matters and HealthyStart will ensure that each child can “breathe easier.” Parents will also find that their child is no longer as tired and cranky as they are sleeping soundly each night.

HealthyStart is a program of treatment and appliances available from Desert Kids Dental. The programs and appliances ensure children do not suffer from obstructed airways. Areas surrounding the practice are also served, and this dental facility is “kid friendly.” A form, email, phone, and instant messaging system is in place for quick contact. A free online evaluation is also available.

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